Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Meet Millie- born December 27, 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Millie was brought home before the wedding and currently loves her playing ground in Provo. She has a full backyard to run wild in and that is exactly what she does. Her favorite place is the BYU pond on 800 North. She loves swimming and chasing the ducks there. She is a spoiled little one but who can blame us when she has that adorable face. She sleeps on the bed and insists on being right in between the two of us. She has learned sit, lie down and shake. Her best talent is retrieving almost anything from anywhere.

Millie Loves
  • Chewing raw hide
  • Playing fetch
  • Climbing trees
  • Playing in the pond

There are pictures of Millie climbing the tree. On the bottom right corner of the pictures is the fence for our backyard so she gets all the way up in the tree. Also attached is a video clip. She
loves playing fetch in the tree.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Remodeling the house

We are currently remodeling our house. It has proven to be a lot harder than expected but it sure is nice to see the end product. We have planted new grass in the front yard and cleaned up a bit. The kitchen has been our biggest project and is still in progress. We redid the walls and painted. We have been refinishing our old tables and chairs and everything is looking wonderful. We are planning on putting in new hardwood floors in the next three weeks so when it is all done it will be a blessing. The improvements have changed the house and we are excited for that!