Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Greenday on Sunday...

Last Sunday I went to the Franz Ferdinand/Greenday Concert at the Energy Solution Arena. I was surprised at how good of concert it was. The sang all their great songs and the background sets were awesome.

The huge rat as you walked in!

Franz Ferdinand did a great job opening for Greenday

The first part of the show was this background of awesome city lights. It was really cool

Our seats were not so great, but for $20 I didn't care and the show was great. Thanks Alex for going with me.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Harlem Jenkins

Meet Harlem

The other night I was reading that my good friend Janelle's brother had found a kitten in a window well of a house he was showing. His wife is pregnant and allergic and so they couldn't keep it. I had been saying that I wanted Millie to have a friend lately and thought maybe getting a black cat and naming it Jasper would be fun. Part of me was always joking, but when I text Janelle showing some interest I soon found myself at their house and I couldn't resist not take her home. She is so very small and adorable. So I brought her home and searched all of Provo for Goat's milk to feed her. The next morning I took her to the vet and she was healthy (luckily not dehyrated) . She wasn't eating, but he said that was ok due to shock and change. She is definitely too young to be away from her mom, so I am bottle feeding. She is still not eating much, but getting better. Today she has shown a lot more activity and moving around. She loves to be completely covered and under a towel or curled up in a ball close to you. These are not very good pictures, but I will get more. I was nervous about how Millie would react, since the next door neighbors had cats and Millie barked at them all day and night. When I first brought her home Millie wasn't sure what to think or do with it. She definitely didn't like my attention being given to someone else. She kept trying to sniff her bum and lick her face.
I kept Harlem in the bathroom the last few nights. Millie woke me up five or six times the first night, she would go to the bathroom and scratch the door, I would let her in and she would sniff and move the towel and make sure Harlem was still there and then turn and go back and get on my bed. She was just making sure she was ok. It was so cute. Every time Harlem cries and whines and Millie gets all concerned and comes over and looks bothered like what are you doing to her. She is being so motherly and watching out for her. It was been really cute to watch. The other morning I showered and stepped out to find them curled up next to each other just sleeping. Wish I had gotten a picture.
Anyway with my slight interest in wanting a friend for Millie and how well they have liked each other I think I have decided to keep her. (For now at least) I know nothing about cats (I was raised to hate them) and so this is a new adventure for me. I pray Harlem doesn't turn out to be one of those mean, scratches everything and is a terror cats.

Kitchen Remodel, Yard Remodel, and the Garden

My kitchen counter never got refinished when we redid the kitchen so I finally broke down and remodeled it. I found tile on sale at Home Depot. $.77 a square foot was a steal of a deal... making each box only $8.58 and I actually liked it.

The Before Counter
(you can't see it very well but it was crappy linoleum, and notice that the kitchen faucet is on the back of the wall)

After I removed all the Linoleum and faucets

The After Counter
The counter all tiled and grouted

Put in a new sink and kitchen faucet... I know even have a soap dispenser

the finished product

upgrades include a sink disposal and two sink drains rather than just one.

So my yard has never been anything to look at. Due to my massive tree in my front yard and all it's roots, the grass didn't grow very well. The back yard had numerous patches where there was no grass and just dirt patches. The sprinklers were exposed in numerous places, and often were out of the ground in some places. It was a mess. So with the help of the neighbors guys (them motivated by the garden in the front yard) we put in a new sprinkler system and landscaped the yard. It made a huge difference and looks so much better.

Put the sprinklers under the cement planters

the yard all trenched up..(Millie was all ready to play while I took pictures)

More trenched yard

The front landscaped... we brought in dirt to build up the front yard and cover the roots. With new grass and the dirt area around the tree hopefully the grass will grow well.

With the backyard we put in some dirt in areas that were grass but should have been dirt. We built up the levels so they met up with my patio and new grass made a world of difference.

now it looks a lot nicer and not so trashy

I love how green everything looks in this picture

I have two unique and special trees at my house. This is in the back yard and so we put a planter around it to help make it look better. Millie loves to climb this tree!

The neighbors across the street came over at the first of the spring and asked if they could use the south side of my house to plant a huge garden. It was a dirt/weed mess anyway so I told them sure. We got the garden in a little later than we should have, but none the less it is there and growing.
We have corn, peppers, tomatoes, squash and I think zucchini

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

105 Girls Night

The other night all the 105 Girls (roommates at Raintree) got together for a dinner. We met up in American Fork and Zupas and enjoyed dinner, catching up, and as always with us LAUGHING.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jenkins News

Big new is floating around the Jenkins family....

they are planning a wedding for sometime in the first of September... Congrats

Tony and Karen found out they are having a LITTLE BOY!
I am so excited for another nephew in December

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mark Knopfler and Ray LaMontagne Lyrics

So lately I have been listening to a lot of Mark Knopfler and Ray LaMontagne music and can't help but listen to the lyrics. There are so many songs that seem to be playing at just the right time. Here are three songs that I am loving right now. I have bolded and changed the color of a few paragraphs that really have impacted me.... not to mention he whole "Let It Be Me" song is amazing.

"Let It Be Me"
By: Ray LaMontagne

There may come a time, a time in every ones life
Where nothin seems to go your way
Where nothing seems to turn out right
There may come a time, you just cant seem to find your place
For every door you walk on to, seems like they get slammed in your face
Thats when you need someone, someone that you can call.
And when all your faith is gone
Feels like you cant go on
Let it be me
Let it be me
If its a friend that you need
Let it be me
Let it be me
Feels like your always commin on home
Pockets full of nothin and you got no cash
No matter where you turn you aint got no place to stand
Reach out for something and they slap your hand
Now i remember all to well
Just how it feels to be all alone
You feel like youd give anything
For just a little place you can call your own
Thats when you need someone, someone that you can call
And when all your faith is gone
Feels like you cant go on
Let it be me
Let it be me
If its a friend you need
Let it be me
Let it be me

"Nobody's Got The Gun"

Mark Knopfler
Nobody's got the gun
Nobody's trying to get the drop on anyone
Nobody's standing out on main street
With the sun blazing down
Saying "There's only room for one of us in this here town"
Nobody's got the be the number one
Nobody's got the gun

She may not understand
And she may want you eating from her hand
If she's got you in a corner
And you can smell the smoke and flame
You reach for your revolver
To do the same
You'll blow your love away forever, number one
Nobody's got the gun

You may think love is hard enough
You may never get to rehearse
And you can do without this stuff
Making everything worse

She's just the same as you
She needs your love just like you want her to
You can't go playing poker
With a pistol in your sleeve
You can't make somebody love you
By threatening to leave
If you want a love forever, number one
Nobody's got the gun

"I'm The Fool"

Mark Knopfler

I never thought I'd be the one
To be the raging bull
There'd always be a smoking gun
Who'd up and lose his cool
I never thought I'd have to say
I'm sorry, my love, because
I'm the fool I never
Fool I never thought I was

I left my dreams with broken strings
It's time I learnt to talk
Stop falling over things
Teach myself to walk
I'm not a superman
Or Mr. wonderful,
because I'm the fool I never
Fool I never thought I was

I'm the know it all
Trying to mend his broken heart
But I don't know how to call
And I don't know where to start

Now if you should lose your faith in me
I don't know where I'd run
I hope you'll always let me be
Your only one
Am I your one true love
Or am I too late for your applause
I'm the fool I never
Fool I never thought I was
Darling, I'm the fool I never
Fool I never thought I was

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bleeding Love

I finally got around to watching "So You Think You Can Dance" from Thursday. Although I have really liked this year I still think that last year was SOOO much better. The dancers and dances were amazing. This was reconfirmed this morning when I saw Chelsey and Mark perform Bleeding Love. No matter how many times I re watch it I am still amazed each time and I still love it. They really rock the stage and I am so glad the re performed.