Monday, August 25, 2008

Call me A Fall/Winter Girl

So I have been excited as summer has been winding down. It has started to get cooler in the evenings and still stays hot during the day and that means that fall is just around the corner. What can I say I am a total Fall/Winter person. Today it got a little windy and I thought it was maybe going to rain and I was so excited! I love rainy days and then I love as it turns colder and becomes beautiful snowy days. Oh I can't wait. I was at Costco this week and was so excited to see a Black Diamond shell jacket for $26 dollars. I could not resist buying one. I already have a millions jackets, and plenty of shells, but I could not resist. Out of both excitement for the awesome jacket, and the excitement for fall/winter to come I was wearing my jacket the other day. It was WAY too hot outside and I was overheating but I still had my jacket on. So I am sorry to all those Summer people who hate winter. I only wish I could bring it apon us faster. Until then I am more and more excited each and everyday for the nights to get colder, the leaves to change, and for winter to come apon us like a blanket.......for that means sweat pants, nights with the window wide open nusseled down in my down comforter, skiing, sledding, snowy mornings, the crisp air as it nips at your nose in the morning, HOT CHOCOLATE... my winter clothes, gloves and hats, scarves... oh the list goes on. Again sorry for wishing away the last of the Summer Heat.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jack Johnson

So my bestest and dearest friend Mike Hanks called and asked me out on a date (Don't you all worry he has a girlfriend, but she was on a vacation) to the Jack Johnson concert. I mean who would pass that up. NOT ME!!! All his brothers and dates went and it was so much fun. First off it was so great to see the Hanks family.. and second the Jack Johnson concert was amazing. I had a blast. Rogue Wave opened for them and I really enjoyed them.

Funny story from the concert. Jack had just started singing a new song and was only a couple lines into the song. I guess a guy in the crowd yelled "I want my wife to have your baby"... Jack having heard that was speachless and stopped the song. As he describes his mind wandered and he forget what song they were singing. He asks the guy in the audience "What does your wife look like" So the girl gets up on her husbands shoulders. Anyway Jacks last comment was "I think you have had a little too much to drink". Anyway they started the song over and it was a pretty good laugh. I have never been to a concert before where the singer forget this song!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What I am blind?

So Thursday after I got to work my eye started to bother me really bad. Thinking that I had something in it I took my contact out to give it a rest and get better. It didn't help. Thinking that my mascara was bothering it I took off all my eye makeup and still it was killing me. After talk of going to the Instacare I decided to ask Janelle if she had a eye doctor she recommended (Thank you J). She referred me to this doctor and they got me right in an hour later. So I go to the office and sit down and they do the whole "what is wrong" and after which then the technician decides to check my vision using the chart! So I read perfectly with my right eye and then she tells me to switch to my left, and much to my surprise I can't see anything. I am not meaning that I couldn't see the letters I mean I was only seeing White! Panic overcame me and I quietly told the lady I think I might be blind...She whirled around and panic came across her face. I explained that I saw no letters but only saw white. So she switched the letters to display the next, larger set of letters. Still nothing. So not saying much she headed out of the room to get the doctor. Outside before they both entered I heard the technician explain to the doctor.. "No she can't see the big E with her left eye" Boy did I feel stupid. Have you seen the eye test. That E is HUGE! Just in case you haven't been to the doctor in awhile, let me remind you!

After several drops, and an eye exam the doctor explains to me that I have an infection in the inside of my eye. He then proceeds to explain I am only seeing white because I am just seeing infection. Crazy I know.. He doesn't know how I got it, but did tell me I wasn't contagious due to the fact that it was on the inside of my eye! I was relieved needless to say! So he prescribes me some drops so I swing by the local Costco to pick them up real quick before heading back to work. After a very long wait they guy tells me it will come to $90 dollars. I was shocked. That was after Insurance paid it's portion! I mean come on. So without a choice I paid it and got out to my car! I opened the box to find the size of the bottle minature. Calculating that an average eye drop has .05 ml (thanks Google) and the bottle was 2.5 ml. That gave me about 50 drops and at a bottle being $180 that is about $3.60 a drop. I think I need to go into a new line of work! MADNESS is all I have to say!
Anyway it is now Monday and after another visit to the doctor, my eye is doing well! Oh the joys of having issues in your life. I guess I really shouldn't be complaining because it could be so much worse! At least I didn't have to wear an eye patch.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bear Lake

This weekend I went up to Bear Lake with a bunch of friends from high school. It was a lot of fun. I took my Cousins Kate and Eric with me and so I thought I would post some pictures!

Richards Cabin

Steven Wade and I. He was covered head to toe in mud!

It was a perfect day on Saturday and the lake was so pretty

We had a blast tubing. It is always so fun to watch people out on the tubes get thrown around!

More Pictures to come once my Cousin gets the pictures off her camea!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


So I have been a really big slacker as fair as posting on my blog but I am finally getting around to it today! I thought I would give a brief update. I will just point out the majors.

A few weekends ago I went camping overnight and had a blast. It was so much fun hanging out with Alyssa and all the peeps she knows...

Alyssa and Me

Alyssa, Skoot, and Me

Alyssa sleeping (She went to bed so early that night)

My brother, sister-in-law, nephew and neice officially moved back from Switzerland Wednesday... The whole family is happy to have them back!

Being brave I attended the singles ward... Thank you Chelsi for going with me!

I saw The Dark Knight and I loved the movie. I love Christian Bale.. Those lips...

Babysat for Janelle and Jeremy last night and want to marry Brody. He is a babe!

He was giggling so much it was so cute!!

I have been riding my Bike a lot lately... and most recently reading Breaking Dawn.