Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Times Eating Sushi

We went out for Sushi and it was pretty darn good.

One of the rolls we ordered was so big. Sushi is already hard for me to eat with my little mouth, but this was near impossible. So you had to bite it in half. Anyway Alex shoved the whole thing in his mouth in one bite and it was pretty funny.



There were these huge scoops of Wasabi on the plates. I bet Alex $100 he wouldn't eat the whole thing. We settled for him holding it in his mouth for a minute. I was laughing so hard. His face was too die for and by the end his eyes were watering.

After he just spit the whole thing out. Right after he spit out a whole wad of spit next to it. I was dying. Yes the below picture is it!

Alex took this and I am sorry I couldn't resist.

Thought I would end with a better picture. It was a really good night.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Enjoying the sun!

Today has been an excellent day. I woke up smiling and had a very large breakfast that was pretty darn good. I haven't had a breakfast that big in a long time. I did some chelaxin and work on my laptop. I put on a tank top and shorts and went for a nice run and loved it. It felt so good to be outside and enjoy the nice warm weather. After I continued to plug away at work, did some yoga, took a nice long bath, and am now just back working away on the puter. It doesn't get better than that. I am excited for this evening to just relax and hopefully eat some yummy sushi. I am loving life!! oh and the counting is over!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ella is back

So on Christmas Eve I was in a car accident in Ella the Element. She went into the shop on the 26th and FINALLY this morning I got her back. It took 1 month and 4 days to get her all fixed up. It was ridiculous. Anyway they gave her a nice bath and she looked really pretty this morning. Not so great now that it is lightly snowing, but at this point I am just glad to have her back. It was an adjustment getting in to drive it. I got pretty used to a smaller car over the last month. One good thing that came of all of this is that now I remember to put on my seat belt since the Sebring had an annoying beeping sound if I didn't. Guess it turned into a habit.

It is nice to see my car sitting in the parking lot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Day was...

This Tuesday was... well a typical day in most aspects. I woke up and with one eye I did some emailing while laying in bed... got ready and went to work. For lunch I ran some errands and hit up the local Target. I purchased some items that were greatly needed. After which I attended a very long meeting for work and took some VERY detailed notes. What can I say I am a good note taker. After which I did some more emailing. I arranged the bosses schedule and gave some tickets away. After which I went and visited Janelle and Brody. I raced home and did some Yoga in the family room. It was nice to do some sit up and get my abs nice and toned. Now off to finish packing!!! 2 and counting.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Three is a way good number... but so is Two and One. I mean One is usually always be better than three. So I want number one!!
So today I came home from work to find flowers sitting on the counter. Two of the most beautiful lillies sitting on the counter with a note to me. If you know anything about lillies, they smell absolutely wonderful. At first I was thinking they would be from my mom after a rough weekend we had... then I was thinking they might be from a certain someone.. but much to my surprise they were from a girl names Lexi from down the street. She wrote me a cute little note about how she heard I was into biking and wanted to go out for a ride sometime. She was supers cute and wanted to get to know me. It was very sweet of her. Anyway it made my day and I am grateful for kind people in the world. I mean who sends flowers these days...
I have been doing some reading and learned that once a day it is good to stand on your head... ok more to get your body upside down. I guess it is really good for circulation and digestion. So I did some practicing/testing in my living room. Facts: 1) I am not a very balanced person on my head 2) my living room with a coffee table, trainer and a bike is not the best place to be attempting to turn myself upright 3) three more and counting 4) I pretty much made chels's night by being a dork!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire and Shopping

Tonight we went to see Slumdog Millionaire and I loved it. It was so awesome and the story was so inspiring. The kids in the movie were so adorable. The main actress is I think just beautiful and she did an amazing job. I recommend it to everyone to go see. I feel it gives you an honest insight to what is going on in Mumbai.

Here is a picture of the boys in the movie.

This is the three kids in the movie. They are all adorable. I just want to go over there and bring one home.

She is just straight up beautiful.
Today while out shopping we were in a small shopping strip mall waiting for my mom to come out of a fabric shop. Any way I looked over and saw this little shop.... I just kept staring at it wondering how weird it was. I mean the three most random things you could sale together made up this little shop. I could hardly believe my eyes. I had to snap a photo for proof that this is by far the most interesting store. We were joking about how someone opens a store and selects those three things. We were saying they were probably a Mormon family that was promoting food storage, the mom probably played the violin and the father or kids were into paint balling. Little family business going on. Any who we got a good laugh out of it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's Counting

I AM... that is for sure. 6 days and counting. I can hardly wait. Six days need to go by fast. I was thinking about this today and I feel like I have been gauging the last few months off of counting down days until the next something. It started with Thanksgiving, Christmas, then New Years. After that I started new new job and Alex left. I have been gauging my days lately on projects and big dates. Company Cancun trip being over, work meetings, and trip to St. George with the girls. Anyway I am trying to not count down the days to future things, but it is hard. It gets me through the week and hard times.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Night and More

Monday after work I headed home and went to Macy's with Chels. They have that deadly bulk Valentine's day candy. So I bought a bag of cinnamon lips. To help make myself feel better about eating the cinnamon lips I got on my bike inside. It was really nice to get on it and ride, and I felt good about watching a few TV shows while doing it. (thanks Chels for the picture)

Chels fixed a awesome pizza. If you know Millie you know she is a food slut. Meaning she will do anything for food. She was sitting on the couch with her head on Chels's lap pretty much begging. It was pretty funny. She had shoved her head up under her arm just to get closer to her pizza.

Millie has been super mellow the last couple weeks. More so than normal. I guess it is a good thing, but I keep thinking something might be wrong with her. Maybe, just maybe she is just growing up and getting out of her puppy phase...

Sunday night I was at Janelle's house. Alyssa was over and we were just chatting. Brody was being his usual funny self. I adore the kid and we always joke about him being my hot date or boyfriend. Unfortuanly he is a little young and if Janelle keeps calling me Aunt Lacy then that will never work!

I finally got this picture so I thought I would post it. Alex and I at his cyclocross party.

Monday, January 19, 2009

In Need Of Snow

So the snow situation in Utah is pathetic and I am really bothered about it. After skiing the last few weekends, the slopes are in desperate need of snow. The conditions are icy and just plain crummy. It is the middle of January and it seems like it has been forever since our last snow storm. Although I say we need snow the worst storms are the ones that come after warmer weather. Since it has been so warm during the day and freezing cold at night the slopes have melted and then are freezing every night. Thus causing horrible skiing snow and dangerous times for when it does finally snow. I am the type of person that if it is bitter cold, then I want snow falling because it makes it bearable. Anyway pray for snow soon!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What a weekend

As it is Sunday afternoon the weekend is sadly coming to an end. I hate that they always go by so fast. I always have a list of things I want to accomplish and it seems like I get half way through my list. The only problem is that throughout the week my list gets double in size again. It is a never ending battle. I do feel like I go a lot done this weekend, which was nice.
So I was supposed to pick up the Element on Friday from the shop. They have had it since December 26Th so you would think it would be done already. Unfortunately I still have the Sebring.. Cross my fingers for Monday.
Friday Chels and I were watching the Ellen DeGeneres show. I love to watch her show, because I think she is hilarious. She is brutally honest with her interviews and does super funny things on her show. Friday she did musical chairs with blindfolds with members of the audience. I was laughing so hard I was in tears.

if it doesn't work and you want to watch it go to

My favorite thing about Ellen is she completely gets involved with things and sometimes makes a fool of herself. It makes for a good talk show. I searched for this picture forever. Basically she has been doing a George Clooney watch trying to get him to come to the show. She has been unsuccessful. A lady wrote in saying that George saw her in the airport and told her she likes her holiday sweater. So Ellen decided to wear it to attract his attention. It was hilarious. On that same show she had a lady who had invented some sort of underwear so in all her glory she had on the whole outfit and it was a crack up.

Friday night I saw Last Chance Harvey with Chels and it was really good.

I finally took my Christmas decoration down on Saturday morning. I was dreading it, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. It is always faster to take it down, but still very sad and not my favorite thing to do.

I was glad to spend Saturday night at Janelle's just visiting. It was nice to see her and Brody.
Not excited to start another work week on Monday, but I guess it has it's up and downs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Marley and Me

So I saw the movie Marley and Me and really enjoyed it. I had read the book, and was impressed at how well they did making it into a movie.

Throughout the whole movie I could only think of Ms. Millie. On her behalf she has been an amazing dog, but there have been those days where I wanted to kill her, just like in the movie. It is always a lot easier to remember the bad stuff, rather than the cute things she does. I highly recommend people going to see the movie and if you like to read the book is wonderful. Not only do I love the story of the dog in the movie, I love how they portray marriage and Owen and Anistons relationship. I thought the movie was hilarious as well. In the theater there weren't a lot of people laughing, but I thought it was laugh out loud funny throughout it. So on I thought I would post about a few of Millie's finest Dog moments... there are a ton of them, but these top the list.

One thing I can say about Millie is that I can leave her in the house and know she will NEVER chew my shoes, couch, pillows, jackets or anything like that. Garbage on the other hand is a whole different story. You can walk outside and come back in and she has torn through the trash and it is everywhere. I usually get in a rage of anger over it, but looking back now I can't be that mad... it is stuff that I have thrown away. At least it is never things of value to me.

The Tales of Millie:

  • My dog is 100% motivated by food or toys. Every aspect of her wrongful doings will lead to some sort of treat/food or tennis ball in whatever trouble she has caused.

  • One day I came home to Millie inside and my house white like snow. She had ripped apart toilet paper rolls and eaten plastic shavers until you couldn't tell what they were. I am amazed sometimes that the dog is still alive.

  • She has eaten two whole bags of M&M's and survived.

  • She ate a whole bag of chocolate peanut butter cookies and didn't sleep the next night.

  • She has mastered jumping over my back yard fence and on occasion will find her walking on top of the fence like she is a cat.

  • She climbs my back yard tree.

  • She has no fear getting on the bus to the Wilkinson center or following roller bladders/bikers down 700 east.

  • She loves the bathroom garbage and ripping everything in there to shreds.

  • Sometimes I will go to shower and my bar of soap will be missing and Millie has taken it and is eating it, or she will chew it while it is on the shower rack so I have a nice rough bar of soap to scrub down with.

  • She goes crazy with hats with fur on them. She will attach you if you have them on and rip them to pieces if you leave them around.

  • She hates thunder and will go crazy.

  • She attacks the vacuum and blow dryer when I am doing my hair

Anyway she has the most adorable face and it is fun to remember the little puppy she once was. I wouldn't trade her for the world and love her company. On Wednesday I went home after work with a massive migraine. As I got home I threw up from the nausea of it. Millie having been inside all day I am sure wanted nothing more than some attention and to play. Instead as I crawled in bed she jumped up there and put her head on me, acting way to calm for her normal self. She sensed something was wrong. It was so cute. It is times like this morning when I roll over and she is next to me and rolls so I will rub her belly that I am grateful for her. It is true a dog is a humans best friend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I have this theory that everyone is weird.... we are all weird in our own way, but we each have different quirks about us. Now some people aren't very aware of their weirdness/quirks or others for that matter, but I feel like I know I have some crazy quirks. In people watching today, a discussion came up. It got me thinking a lot about what I do. So I thought I would throw a few of them out there for everyone to know (I am not going to try and make you understand)

When I wear pants, if they are not touching the floor I feel like they are way too short. It is a horrible habit/weirdness, but I buy my pants extra long. With pants that are shorter I am super careful when planning my outfits so that I can accommodate the length depending on what shoes I can wear.

I hate to pee. I don't know why. In the last 10 or so years I have realized I don't like going to the bathroom. So I find myself holding it... for no particular reason. I can't explain it. It isn't like I hate public toilets, or think bathrooms are gross. I even do it at home. I just hate to pee. Consequently I don't have to pee a lot. My body must have trained it's self to not pee. Probably not the best thing for me.

I wear a lot of layers/clothes. Whether it be summer or winter I wear a lot of layers no matter what. I will be getting ready and find myself putting on four or so layers. For example today I have on a shade tank, then a shade shirt, and then a shade tee with lace on the bottom, then a green jacket. Madness I know. This could explain the large amounts of laundry no doubt, but I have been like this since junior high. Basically it is not normal.

I love to bite my nails. It is a horrible habit. Along with biting my nails I love to bit off the skin around my nails. Straight up weird I know. After years of this I am 100% sure that it is not due to nervous. It is just something I do. I often will bite my nails and then use my teeth to make them smooth. What is a girl to do! This probably leads the problem that when I paint my nails, the polish doesn't stay on for very long. See if they start to chip or get messed up I have to remove all of it. Often this is done with my teeth.

Thanks to Atlas Marketing I hate to write with any other pen than the Pilot G2 bold pens. After working at Atlas for years and being spoiled with them, I genuinely hate it when I am using any other pen.

Anyway there are a lot more things... I will refrain from telling them all at once. I want people to still like me and thing I am semi- normal.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did I fail Geography??

So I have been working on a project for work for the last two days. It is for the work Draft, which basically is a number system they use to let their reps pick their summer areas. We are in the process of converting everything over to a web based system so I have spent the last two days staring at a map of the US and making sure all the borders are accurate for their summer offices. With some 150 offices it has taken me forever. Anyway I am beginning to realize that I am horrible with Geography. Apparently Mr. Critchlow (that is a guess on my 7Th grade geography teacher) didn't do a very good job. I find myself staring at the map wonderful where hell Parsippany, Overland Park, Reston, Fayetteville, Harrisburg, Hickory and oh so many more cities are. One things I always do know when I begin my search is that it is one of these many boxes. Helpful right.... wrong.

I feel so lost concerning the map. I know these aren't well known cities, but I have NO clue where to start looking. So thanks to Google I have been able to narrow it down. I will say that the program Map Point is awesome and I enjoy the zoom feature. Anyway as I work my way to the eastern cities I just cringe, because it is a cluster of a mess on the map. On top of not knowing where the city is located I have a hard time finding the state boarders due to this map.

Needless to say it has given me a nice refresher course on geography 101. This project has spurred my desire to visit some cities..... I can't complain because I have been so blessed as far as traveling. I have been to so many wonderful places throughout the world. I have done my fair share of traveling in Europe and other countries, but there are some US cities that really have my interest lately. Anyway just a few are San Fransisco, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC. One day hopefully I get to make it to most of these places. Top two cities at this point are San Fransisco and Washington DC. Vacation anyone???

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chelaxin at Work

So it doesn't get better than a nice massage while you are at work. Yes that is right... I had the pleasure of getting a nice back massage today while at work. It was heavenly. After two days of hitting the slopes, my body was more than sore. As described to my roommate I felt like I had been hit with a bus. So as the girl was wailing on my huge knots in my back I was completely relaxed. It was one of those feel good pains. Anyway she recommended me to come get a full massage. I know that is her job, but after she finished she looked at me and comments that I have some serious knots in my back. As if I didn't already know that. Anyway hoping to get in sometime soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday at the Canyons

I haven't been skiing with my father for countless years. The last time I can honestly recall is at Deer Valley and I think it was before Tony's mission. That makes it at least ten years ago. Last year my Dad skied in Arosa, Switzerland, so his interest for skiing became more apparent. I decided to call and see if he had any interest in hitting the slopes with me. After some convincing he said yes. He called Andy to barrow some skies for the outing. Andy having been in business meetings all week at the Canyons, had some passes from his business meetings. He invited my Dad and I to join him, Cooper and Emily for the day. I hadn't skied at the Canyons in years and I was amazed how huge the resort was. You could just see the ski resort go on and on forever. It was a beautiful ski day with sunny blue skies. It was fun to ski with Cooper and everyone. My Dad is a really good skier and did a great job keeping up. I enjoyed spending the time with him on the slopes. Andy snapped some great pictures, so I will post some of them later.

I love this picture of Coop. His face is just so cute. He enjoyed skiing.

Friday, January 9, 2009


So awhile back Alex and I were walking out of a movie. In the freezing cold I was in a rush to get to the car. Alex stopped dead in his tracks and was starring at the ground. I looked over at him wondering what was going on. At first glance I didn't really notice anything, but as he pointed I finally caught on to what he was looking at. He had me snap a few photos with my phone and I hadn't really done anything with them, but tonight I was playing around with them on Photoshop. The program truly is amazing. The pictures were not good quality and the flash on the phone make one of them bright, but still a very cool leaf.

This one is just converted to Black and White

This one I changed the Hue and Saturation and cropped photo

This one is Black and White at a higher contrast and cropped

This one is inverted and cropped
This one is Posterized

The possibilities are endless and that is what I love about Photoshop. I love photos like this that you can just edit and and play with. I am always finding cool new features.

These are the original photos I took with no editing at all.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Night with the Kids

I had a wonderful night up babysitting Cooper and Kennedy in Midway. It is always nice to spend the evening with them. They have such an amazing way of making you feel like the most important person in the world. They are always so ecstatic to see you and tell you all about their lives. It is so fun. It was fun to take pictures with them.