Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday at the Canyons

I haven't been skiing with my father for countless years. The last time I can honestly recall is at Deer Valley and I think it was before Tony's mission. That makes it at least ten years ago. Last year my Dad skied in Arosa, Switzerland, so his interest for skiing became more apparent. I decided to call and see if he had any interest in hitting the slopes with me. After some convincing he said yes. He called Andy to barrow some skies for the outing. Andy having been in business meetings all week at the Canyons, had some passes from his business meetings. He invited my Dad and I to join him, Cooper and Emily for the day. I hadn't skied at the Canyons in years and I was amazed how huge the resort was. You could just see the ski resort go on and on forever. It was a beautiful ski day with sunny blue skies. It was fun to ski with Cooper and everyone. My Dad is a really good skier and did a great job keeping up. I enjoyed spending the time with him on the slopes. Andy snapped some great pictures, so I will post some of them later.

I love this picture of Coop. His face is just so cute. He enjoyed skiing.

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Lindsey said...

That looks like an awesome day! How fun you got to ski with your Dad and Andy's fam all day.