Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good Times Eating Sushi

We went out for Sushi and it was pretty darn good.

One of the rolls we ordered was so big. Sushi is already hard for me to eat with my little mouth, but this was near impossible. So you had to bite it in half. Anyway Alex shoved the whole thing in his mouth in one bite and it was pretty funny.



There were these huge scoops of Wasabi on the plates. I bet Alex $100 he wouldn't eat the whole thing. We settled for him holding it in his mouth for a minute. I was laughing so hard. His face was too die for and by the end his eyes were watering.

After he just spit the whole thing out. Right after he spit out a whole wad of spit next to it. I was dying. Yes the below picture is it!

Alex took this and I am sorry I couldn't resist.

Thought I would end with a better picture. It was a really good night.

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