Monday, January 10, 2011

Venice The Second Day..

We started the morning off right..breakfast at the hotel was delicious. The weather outside was fantastic and we were ready to go.. All of us had our rain boots on, except Blake. So as we came out of the hotel, we came across water. I was very kind to give Blake a piggyback to dry ground.

Blake didn't say much, but I know he was very thankful!

Since Jen had her leak proof boots, she always seemed to find herself in the water. The below picture was the outside street of out hotel.

I absolutely love this picture. Gary snapped this photo of Jen. She didn't, know and I love the lighting, her face, and how she is standing.

Gary walking the streets of Venice. He was so worried about his pants getting wet, but his boots that he bought seemed to keep the water out.

We spent the morning touring Venice. It was really awesome. The history of the city was fasinating.

San Marco Piazza was flooded with water. When the streets and piazzas fill with water they put up these folding tables to walk on until you get to dry ground.. Pictures later.

Jen in center of San Marco

Once in a life time photo... Jen solo in the piazza enjoying the water.

We decided to walk down water way and enjoy the sun..

Jen and Gary striking a pose. Jen is trying to hide her bag behind her, what Gary is doing.. Who knows.

We found all these cute stores.. Jen, Blake and I found this stand that sold these bracelets. The three of us were loving it..

As the three of us picked out bracelets, Gary was the fatherly figure and took pictures, paced, and paid the kind man after we all has chosen.

Our bracelets... We all love them

We ate lunch at this yummy place on the water. Our lunch turned sad, when Blake received word his grandfather had passed away. We all felt so bad.

We couldn't complain about the sun!!

Jen and I

The piazza square dried up and we snapped a photo of the boys!

Gelato.. Lots of gelato.. And more Gelato. Two happy girls

We had a lot of fun taking pictures in the afternoon. We just kept finding funny placed to take more pictures..all the while laughing

This street was like at Disneyland where they have the backdrop down and it looks real, but isn't... Well this actually was real.

This huge anchor was on the street. The green door, and yellow building made it look so cool.. And well then boys couldn't help playing on it.

Gary and I

Blake climbed up there.. I have to thank Gary for the boost, which was actually so funny I could hardly hold myself up when I finally got up there.

Knock knock..

Jen showing off her bracelets

Another ks pose.. Blake receiving a hug.. He had a rough day!!

As we were sitting enjoying the view.. This massive cruise ship pulled out of port. It was so close

The below shot was beautiful..

Venice was so romantic!

Venice at dusk

Jen, Blake and I.

Gary and I

The plaza in the evening

Jen and Blake

After watching the sun set we decided to take a gondola ride through Venice. The city was quiet and it was so peaceful. Our Gondola guide spoke wonderful English and gave us awesome history and info about Venice.

Jen and I taking it all in

I love this photo.. It was so surreal being in the grand canal with great company

After an exhausting day we headed back to the hotel for a good nights rest.