Monday, July 27, 2009

Ketchup More Like Catchup...

Yet again as I log on to my blog I realize the last time I posted was June 30.... Almost a whole month since I last posted. Pretty pathetic. I feel at this point I can only play brief catchup of all the fun I have been having.


My parents took the motor home up to Wasatch Mountain State Park for week to relax and have some fun. While up there the family all went up for some family dinners and four wheeling outings.

Looking over Heber

Emily and Karen

Mom and Kennedy

The girls

Tony and Cooper

Kennedy with wild flowers we had picked for her

Me with Coop the Man

The weather changed so fast and all the sudden it was dark and started raining shortly after getting back.

This meadow area was so pretty!

Saw a deer right on the side of the trail

Emily and Kennedy at camp

Angus (Tony and Karen's Dog) just chilling

Papa Jenkins getting some much needed relaxing in...

We made peach cobbler in the dutch oven. Smart Lacy grabbed two cans of peaches at the grocery store, but when we went to make it realized one of them was fruit cocktail. My bad! Kennedy and I were licking the bowl clean and cooper caught on and wanted in the action. It was pretty funny.

This is the two of them digging in for the last little lick of the spatula

Kennedy had batter all over her face. It was so cute


For work we went to Las Vegas for our Regional Trip and stayed at the Hard Rock. We were in meeting all day Friday and Saturday, but did manage to get in some fun.
Friday night we ate a Joe's Steakhouse and it was amazing. After Joe's we went and saw The Beatles LOVE by cirque du soleil. It was so amazing and was fun to watch.

The ceiling was awesome as you walked into the theater

Ashley and I

The group!

The whole reason we had our meeting in Las Vegas was so that the guys could attend the UFC 100 fight. It was a big deal and at the end of the day we had extra tickets from people bailing last minute. So a few of us girls ended up going to the fight. It was a lot of fun and I found myself really getting into the fights.

The place was packed full.

After the fight we got to fly home on the jet which was super nice to get home quicker.


Last Saturday I headed up to Midway early in the morning to go for a bike ride with Emily. It was a great ride even though I was WAY out of shape....
After I just planned on heading home, but Andy and Em convinced me to stay and go on a four wheeling/dirt bike ride with them and the Supulveda's. It was a lot of fun.. and super hot.

We rode from Midway all the way over into American Fork Canyon. We stopped and had a wonderful lunch and played in the river.

The kids eating lunch in the river

The kids found this little water hole that they were swimming in. It was cold business in the river.....

Mazy (Supulveda's dog) she was so cute in the water. Millie would have loved it up there.

Andy riding the dirt bike through the river.

After lunch we continue to head down American Fork Canyon to Tibble Fork Reservoir and then went up to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir for a quick swim.

Looking down onto Tibble Fork

Mazy at the Lake

Andy swimming in Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

On the way back I rode the dirt bike and it was a lot of fun. It got a little sketchy in some places with all the rocks, but I was safe and had a good time.

I was again lucky enough to get out and go wakeboarding this last weekend. The water wasn't super great and with a new wakeboard I really sucked it up. Nonetheless it was still fun to get out on the water and get some sun.

Overall I have had a really good July and I can't believe that it has come and gone. It is crazy that it is almost August. Where is the summer going???