Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colors Festival


I went to the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple "Color Festival" on Saturday. It is out in Spanish Fork/Salem and happens once a year. Each year there were so more and more people. Somebody lit the bomb fire a little early this year, so people started to throw the color before it actually started. Anyway it still was an awesome site to see.
Although I actually look relatively clean and color free in this picture I am not. I have a whole bag of yellow color on the top of my head.
Despite all the traffic and people it was still really fun! I love to be in crowds and people watch. So that was interesting.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kids say the darnest things...

I love my niece and nephew. They crack me up every time I am around them. They are just so pure and honest and so I get a kick out of the things they say. Whether it be how I got the owie on my face (a zit), or how I was hurt when I am crying (although I am usually not crying from being physically hurt). So today I went up and rode inside on the trainers with Emily. The kids were upstairs and we popped in a Race DVD. I don' t know what I was thinking that I was in any shape for a any sort of race, but it was nice to have someone motivate us along the way (even if I wasn't going as fast he was). Anyway after 60 minutes of riding inside I was pretty sweaty. I am cooling down and sitting on the floor when Kennedy comes over and starts talking to me. We are just having friendly chat about her bird, and what her shirt says. She then sniffs, and says Lacy you stink, you should go home and shower in your own shower. WOW- thanks Kennedy. I mean I knew I was stinky, but when she told me I knew it was bad. So I showered up at Andy and Em's before driving back to my own house. Kids say the darnest things and I love them for it.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I love dogs....

So I really love all animals (except spiders and snakes- and I don't think they are animals). Anyway my roommate showed me this video and I about died laughing. I have been wanting to post it on my blog and so here it finally is.

this second video is of the same dog. I love how fast you know he would be running if he were awake and standing. Anyway I got a kick out them.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday Ride

Saturday I went up to Sandy and rode with the family. It was a beautiful day to ride. Despite having to get up at six forty five on my day off, it felt good to get up and get going. Tony, Karen, my dad, Greg, and I set out from Tony's house. There was no wind, but thanks to my dad paying attention he knew it was going to be coming. We headed south through draper and out the frontage road. We turned and headed west and once we started to head back north I was dead tired. Tony and Karen had to be downtown at 12:00 so we were headed home. Then my dad thought Greg, him and I should go farther. Great!!! Anyway we again turned and headed west all the way out. By all the way I mean to the last rode out west and we were at a steady 2% climb. We rode north again to 7800 south and then headed east. It was a nice downhill ride home. On the way home we had a encounter that was pretty scare. A lady, her daughter and her son (who was in a stroller) were on the corner of the street ready to cross. They had to have seen us coming and we were going about 2o+miles per hour. As we get closer she lunges forward as if she is going to go and then pulls back. Then when we are almost to them they decide to all cross the street. It was not good. My dad yelled at the lady to stop, but they were already moving forward. There was no way I was going to stop without going over my handle bars and I had no choice but to plow threw them. I clipped the stroller and hit part of the lady. The kid in the stroller rolled and I broke the stroller in half. It was so scary. I am amazed I didn't go down on my bike. We all turned around and check to see if everyone was ok. They didn't speak any English. The kid had a nice bump on his forehead and some scrapes. I had a few bruises and scrapes on my hands. Anyway not the best end to a long ride, but we made it home safe and my average speed for the 36 mile ride was pretty good. I was pleased and glad my dad had us add a few extra miles.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Passing By...

So I continually pass this place and I absolutely love it. For the longest time I kept saying I want to go in that store, only to find out it was a Salon. Sad since I never get my hair cut. There are a few things I love about it. First is the Yellow garden thing they have outside. I am dying to make one like it (that requires welding equipment I don't have). Second is the decorative things around the windows. They are awesome. Overall I love the feel of the place and all the decorations. Anyway after passing it a million times I finally stopped and took some pictures.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Things come full cirlce

So today things came full circle. Well almost..... My dear friend Kim started at Apx. Hooray. Kimmy, Ashley, now Kim and I work there. Kind of like old times when we all worked at Atlas. It was so good catch up with her and see her.

We kicked off the rendezvous with a weigh in for the Apx Biggest Loser. That's right. So we will see how it goes. Kimmy (you better keep those weights confidential)

Also I joined an intramural soccer league. All I know about the team is that the drummer from Rancid is on our team. So I am pretty sure we will be good!

What else can I write about..... I rode today and just did hills. By far my weakest part of riding.. so how else do you correct your weakness.

I am crazy busy at work and loving every minute of it.

One last thing. Tomorrow St. Patrick's Day marks one year since my bike accident. Oh the good memories. (wait not so much)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dr. Pepper and Day 3

One of my true loves in my life is Dr. Pepper. I am on Day 3 without Dr. Pepper and it has not been fun. Day 1 and 2 were pretty easy. I was all stoked because I was thinking it wasn't going to be that hard, but today when Day 3 rolled around I am realizing it isn't that easy. I am craving it and everywhere I look it is calling out my name to drink some. I am avoiding eating at restaurants because I don't know if I can resist ordering Dr. Pepper. What a sad life!!!!

On a happier and better note I am trying to eat a lot healthier and well lets just say that isn't easy either. It is better for me, but all I am doing is craving treats. I keep saying I am starving, when in reality I am not that hungry. Just craving treats so bad my body things I am starving. Anyway lets see how long I can keep this up!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Stuff

The races begin. It was bitter cold, but still there are die hard racers out. First race of the season at RMR. (Just to make it clear I am not racing... I am dressed warmly taking pictures)

Saturday we went to Park City and watched Tony and Scott Seare ride the Bobsled run. 52.99 seconds later it was over. As described by Tony it was Indescribable.

After watching Tony we had a a wonderful dinner at ZOOM (Thank you Andy and Emily). I had some Black bean soup that was so good. The whole meal was wonderful.
Sunday we celebrated my Mom and Dad's Birthday. They both fall within a week or so of each other so it was nice to celebrate. Kennedy brought her new petty skirt and she was so adorable in it. She just kept spinning and twirling in it. I mean who wouldn't in a full skirt.

Andy and Emily gave this card to my Mom. Cooper got a kick out of it and was holding it up. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recap of the times flying by...

I have been horrible at blogging and so much has happened. I am not sure how that happens, but it does. Luckily I got a screaming deal on a new camera at Costco so hopefully I will start taking lots of pictures and blogging more.

A sad and very scary thing happened yesterday. Millie was hit by car. She is ok and doing well but it sure gives a mom a scare. She was with the neighbor guys and me outside and decided to chase a football that was thrown across seventh east. I felt bad for the guy who hit Millie. It wasn't his fault at all and never a fun thing to go through. Millie is being really mellow and relaxing and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

This scary mask was at the grocery store and I couldn't resist putting it on. I will say my whole outfit and look isn't my finest look. None the less pretty darn funny.

A few of the neighbor guys asked if they could use some of my dirt and yard to plant some corn and a garden. I was all for the idea so they have been slaving away tilling the earth. I wish I could take the credit but it is crazy to see them work so hard. I came home from work last Friday to see the whole side of my yard ripped up.
The reaper tool sat outside the front door for a while. Kind of eeery
Pretending to work

Millie is loving the dirt and fits right in.

I was so kindly invited to my roommates friends birthday dinner. We ate at Pizzeria 7-12 and it was wonderful. It was fun to meet new friends and be out with the roommates.

We went shopping as roommates and we caught Ashley in a good mood. Chels kept handing her funny clothes to try on. These pants were the best. Super high waisted with expandable zippers. When you unzipped them they even had a hidden belt loop.

We had a fun little visit from a cute puppy name Lina. She came and gave Millie a run for her money. I have never seem Millie be so submissive to any animal or person, but Lina had her. Millie kept rolling over on her back and Lina was just giving into her. Poor little Lina ran herself so ragged that she threw up from playing so hard.