Thursday, March 5, 2009

Recap of the times flying by...

I have been horrible at blogging and so much has happened. I am not sure how that happens, but it does. Luckily I got a screaming deal on a new camera at Costco so hopefully I will start taking lots of pictures and blogging more.

A sad and very scary thing happened yesterday. Millie was hit by car. She is ok and doing well but it sure gives a mom a scare. She was with the neighbor guys and me outside and decided to chase a football that was thrown across seventh east. I felt bad for the guy who hit Millie. It wasn't his fault at all and never a fun thing to go through. Millie is being really mellow and relaxing and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

This scary mask was at the grocery store and I couldn't resist putting it on. I will say my whole outfit and look isn't my finest look. None the less pretty darn funny.

A few of the neighbor guys asked if they could use some of my dirt and yard to plant some corn and a garden. I was all for the idea so they have been slaving away tilling the earth. I wish I could take the credit but it is crazy to see them work so hard. I came home from work last Friday to see the whole side of my yard ripped up.
The reaper tool sat outside the front door for a while. Kind of eeery
Pretending to work

Millie is loving the dirt and fits right in.

I was so kindly invited to my roommates friends birthday dinner. We ate at Pizzeria 7-12 and it was wonderful. It was fun to meet new friends and be out with the roommates.

We went shopping as roommates and we caught Ashley in a good mood. Chels kept handing her funny clothes to try on. These pants were the best. Super high waisted with expandable zippers. When you unzipped them they even had a hidden belt loop.

We had a fun little visit from a cute puppy name Lina. She came and gave Millie a run for her money. I have never seem Millie be so submissive to any animal or person, but Lina had her. Millie kept rolling over on her back and Lina was just giving into her. Poor little Lina ran herself so ragged that she threw up from playing so hard.


Chellor said...

I just like that out of all the pictures I sent you of Millie and Lina you chose the one with Ash smiling in the background :)

Is it cute that those two dogs are playin, Ash? ha! :D

Ash said...

Maybe I was thinking about something funny in my head....and why is my face so fat!? Its a perfect Circle!

I need to go back and get those jeans, don't you think?

Jennifer Lane said...

Ah....I miss you.