Monday, March 16, 2009

Things come full cirlce

So today things came full circle. Well almost..... My dear friend Kim started at Apx. Hooray. Kimmy, Ashley, now Kim and I work there. Kind of like old times when we all worked at Atlas. It was so good catch up with her and see her.

We kicked off the rendezvous with a weigh in for the Apx Biggest Loser. That's right. So we will see how it goes. Kimmy (you better keep those weights confidential)

Also I joined an intramural soccer league. All I know about the team is that the drummer from Rancid is on our team. So I am pretty sure we will be good!

What else can I write about..... I rode today and just did hills. By far my weakest part of riding.. so how else do you correct your weakness.

I am crazy busy at work and loving every minute of it.

One last thing. Tomorrow St. Patrick's Day marks one year since my bike accident. Oh the good memories. (wait not so much)

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Ash said...

Why do i have to find out about your life via blogspot? Biggest Loser, Soccer, RANCID...I can't keep up.