Monday, March 23, 2009

Saturday Ride

Saturday I went up to Sandy and rode with the family. It was a beautiful day to ride. Despite having to get up at six forty five on my day off, it felt good to get up and get going. Tony, Karen, my dad, Greg, and I set out from Tony's house. There was no wind, but thanks to my dad paying attention he knew it was going to be coming. We headed south through draper and out the frontage road. We turned and headed west and once we started to head back north I was dead tired. Tony and Karen had to be downtown at 12:00 so we were headed home. Then my dad thought Greg, him and I should go farther. Great!!! Anyway we again turned and headed west all the way out. By all the way I mean to the last rode out west and we were at a steady 2% climb. We rode north again to 7800 south and then headed east. It was a nice downhill ride home. On the way home we had a encounter that was pretty scare. A lady, her daughter and her son (who was in a stroller) were on the corner of the street ready to cross. They had to have seen us coming and we were going about 2o+miles per hour. As we get closer she lunges forward as if she is going to go and then pulls back. Then when we are almost to them they decide to all cross the street. It was not good. My dad yelled at the lady to stop, but they were already moving forward. There was no way I was going to stop without going over my handle bars and I had no choice but to plow threw them. I clipped the stroller and hit part of the lady. The kid in the stroller rolled and I broke the stroller in half. It was so scary. I am amazed I didn't go down on my bike. We all turned around and check to see if everyone was ok. They didn't speak any English. The kid had a nice bump on his forehead and some scrapes. I had a few bruises and scrapes on my hands. Anyway not the best end to a long ride, but we made it home safe and my average speed for the 36 mile ride was pretty good. I was pleased and glad my dad had us add a few extra miles.


Jenna said...

That is freaky, I'm glad you're okay.

Em said...

glad are you alright... and the little boy too. strange... almost one year exactly from your last accident!