Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Stuff

The races begin. It was bitter cold, but still there are die hard racers out. First race of the season at RMR. (Just to make it clear I am not racing... I am dressed warmly taking pictures)

Saturday we went to Park City and watched Tony and Scott Seare ride the Bobsled run. 52.99 seconds later it was over. As described by Tony it was Indescribable.

After watching Tony we had a a wonderful dinner at ZOOM (Thank you Andy and Emily). I had some Black bean soup that was so good. The whole meal was wonderful.
Sunday we celebrated my Mom and Dad's Birthday. They both fall within a week or so of each other so it was nice to celebrate. Kennedy brought her new petty skirt and she was so adorable in it. She just kept spinning and twirling in it. I mean who wouldn't in a full skirt.

Andy and Emily gave this card to my Mom. Cooper got a kick out of it and was holding it up. We all got a pretty good laugh out of it.


Lindsey said...

That card is hillarious!!

Em said...

Oh my gosh!!! Good shots of Cooper with the boob card!!! What a crack up!

Chellor said...

I love the shot of Kennedy with her little shirt strap off her should like that. Just like a little girl to 1.Wear cowgirl boots and pearls and 2. to not care about the strap. :) Love it!