Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Never been a dieter...

So I have never really been a person that has dieted. I usually eat what I want and exercise as often as I can. I think growing up playing soccer 6 days a week I didn't really have to worry about, and so when I stopped playing soccer, not a whole lot changed. The problem was I still was eating what I wanted and exercising less than I was when I was playing soccer full time... So after several years of that I think it took a little toll on me. Work hired these new nutritionists to come in once a week and do meal/training plans for people. So I took the opportunity to see them. This week is my fourth week and the results are amazing. I have been so impressed with everything and am really excited about the results it has been producing. I see them every Tuesday morning, and today was like any other day. After four weeks of doing this I was seeing gradual decreases across the board in my numbers. I was feeling a little discouraged because people would always ask me if I was noticing any changes and to be honest I wasn't. So going into my meeting today I was a little bummed and almost had the feeling I might have put a few pounds. After talking with Danny we weighted and measured in and I am happy to report I was down all around. I have lost 10 lbs and the inches are coming off. My body fat has lowered 3% which is good progress. The whole program is doing a good job in helping me lower by body fat % and get toned. I eat 5 meals a day, three hours apart from each other and I really enjoy the food. It is actually really good meals and I have a lot of choices. Along with them planning my meals, they give me cardio and resistance training to. All of which are extremely easy and usually I do them in the family room while watching some TV shows. Anyway I am happy with how things are going and excited for more great progress to come....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday at the Lake

Friday I was so lucky to go out on the lake with Jen and her family. Her mom, sister, neighbor and friends from school got together at Utah Lake to wake board. It was so nice to be back out on the lake and I loved wake boarding. We had a lot of fun and didn't get off the lake until after eight. After we had some really great dinner at Pizza Factory.

Jenny Lane wake board... she rips it up out there.

Me trying to wake board

On my second run of wake boarding after a few pulls something didn't feel right. As I headed out the wake I felt like the binding wasn't tight enough. So I reach down to tighten it only to find my foot spinning in on the board. I had lost a bolt holding the binding in. So I felt go and was very grateful I didn't hit the wake on the way back in. We had some really good laughs. Swimming with a boot on your foot is really hard. Getting out of the water with it on was hard, and getting it off my foot was hard. Thank you Kim and Jen for the help.

After we did some tubing and it was a blast... This morning I woke up and my whole upper body is sore.

Jen and Kim.... They are so cute

Sandy to St. George

We rode our bikes from Sandy to St. George last weekend. I will post pictures and details later

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catch Up...

I have fallen behind in blogging and I always hate that. So there will be many blog posts back to back of what has been happening lately.

Yesterday my dad was in a serious bike accident and is in the hospital. He was riding down Wasatch going forty six miles per hour and we think his front tire blew and he crashed. His injuries include three broken ribs, broken collar bone, fractured vertebrae, a puncture wound in his side from his brake levers. He has pretty bad road rash all over on his face, shoulder, lower legs. He had a lot of cuts and bruises. He definitely had a concussion, and therefore remembers very little of what happened. Hopefully he will heal as quick as possible. My heart goes out to him, as we have our family St. George bike ride starting Thursday that he will not be able to ride with us and he was scheduled to ride Lotoja this September.

Firepit and Yard Work

I have been working hard on getting my fire pit area in the back yard nice looking. It was fully overgrown, and that took some time to do the weeding. After slaving away for several days and some help from some great friend and roommates I have finally finished. Cant wait for summer nights having bbq's and sitting by the fire.

After weeding this I decided to put down some serious 1 year weed and grass protection spread some extra mulch in the area to make it look nicer.

The joys of owning an older home are the neat little things I find all over. The machete was in the ghetto garden storage area I had. I found the other tool in the dirt while weeding.

This chair looked awesome against the red fence.

Old rusted antique wheel barrow that was in the back yard when I moved in. Works just great and I use it a lot.

Logan.... Pocatello

I got the tour of Logan... I haven been up there a few times, but never gone to any of these places.

First stop was the sock shop. I bought several biking socks and the sales guy gave me a very comfortable (FREE) pair of bamboo socks. I was impressed at how comfortable and cozy they were.

Next stop was Gossner's Swiss Cheese factory. Mmmmmm

They had reduced fat Lacy Swiss cheese! So awesome

Third stop was Pepperidge Farm factory. Bags of goldfish for cheap.. Also a great find was this gold fish shirt. I love it.

The final stop was Casper's Ice Cream. Home of the Fat boy ice cream sandwich. Couldn't resist getting a fat boy and some ice cream.

The race course was a 25 mile loop laps outside of Pocatello. I road the course and it was really nice. The first half of the course was wonderful... some downhill and pretty much flat the whole time. It was nice just out there riding. The second half was some climbing and well the last 3 miles is through a canyon gap with climbing grades exceeding 7%. Needless to say when it was over I was exhausted and super hot.

Before the race... when we were happy and full of energy

First lap right after the huge three mile climb

Jeff Clawson after his first lap

Jason finishing

Alex finishing

Sorry Erin I didn't get any pictures of you.

Steal of a Deal

I love Big Lots and getting deals. Today I went to look for patio lanterns, but didn't find any I liked. Instead I found some great deals... All this for $20.00. I got a blue tote to hold fire wood. The best part is Gatorade powder that makes a gallon of Gatorade for $1.00 a packet. Great deal!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cycling Songs

So our St. George ride is 9 days away and lets just say I am very aware of how fast it is approaching. I am getting excited and nervous and all that. Anyway I am wanting to create a play list to listen to. The hard thing with biking to St. George is that for biking that far you need pump up music, but you also need really good overall music so that each song isn't this pump up jam song. I need suggestions of some good songs... I am pretty out of the loop with most music so be specific about what song and what artist.