Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday at the Lake

Friday I was so lucky to go out on the lake with Jen and her family. Her mom, sister, neighbor and friends from school got together at Utah Lake to wake board. It was so nice to be back out on the lake and I loved wake boarding. We had a lot of fun and didn't get off the lake until after eight. After we had some really great dinner at Pizza Factory.

Jenny Lane wake board... she rips it up out there.

Me trying to wake board

On my second run of wake boarding after a few pulls something didn't feel right. As I headed out the wake I felt like the binding wasn't tight enough. So I reach down to tighten it only to find my foot spinning in on the board. I had lost a bolt holding the binding in. So I felt go and was very grateful I didn't hit the wake on the way back in. We had some really good laughs. Swimming with a boot on your foot is really hard. Getting out of the water with it on was hard, and getting it off my foot was hard. Thank you Kim and Jen for the help.

After we did some tubing and it was a blast... This morning I woke up and my whole upper body is sore.

Jen and Kim.... They are so cute


Krista said...

Looks like fun!! I wish I could be out there with you. Remember how fun Powell was... sigh... oh the good old days! Oh and I think I still have your ski!! I should probably get that back to you! Miss you!!!

tEaGaN said...

I have missed ya. I will for sure tell everyone hi for you. They miss seeing you. We should do something in the next while. Like lunch or a trip or something fun! Let me know!

Jennifer Lane said...

Look at the pic. It's definitely not there. That's just too weird.