Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas and all that Jazz.....

So I feel like I haven’t posted a blog forever. So much has happened and I feel like this blog will be long… So prepare yourself. I will try to just stick to the points.
I GOT A NEW JOB- That’s right. Although I loved Kneaders I couldn’t pass up this job opportunity that landed in my lap. I am both sad to leave Kneaders, but excited for the new change.

So my Dad had surgery on his eyes. They did each eye on separate days for safety reasons which makes sense. After they did his second eye, I arrived in Sandy to quickly say hi and see how he was doing. Much to my surprise he was outside snow blowing. Not only was he outside… he was doing the neighbors driveway. Greatest man I know…… As I pulled up I could hardly contain my laughter. He my Dad was out doing a good deed and his daughter is sitting in the car laughing at him. I finally took this picture. The whole package was just great. Our 1980 snow blowers that is massive, but is still running like a charm and totally awesome… the hat with the fur ball on top again straight from 1982, his shades that he picked up at the doctors office due to his surgery, his Sorels untied as he was going up and down the snow driveway, and oh yeah the 1995 parka (that’s right, back then we called them parka’s) that he still loves to wear. Classic Uncle Doug!!!

The snow has brought out the playful side of Millie and she absolutely loves the snow. She will just run and play in it for as long as I let her. She loves to dig her face under it and jump around in it. The more snow the better in her mind. So I took this photo after a snow storm.

I have been up helping Andy and Em with odds and ends of things. It has been fun to be with the kids. They are just full of personality and I get a hoot out of being with them. Kennedy, Cooper and I were building a kitchen set that Kennedy got for her Birthday. It has been a pain… but thanks to this awesome picture of Kennedy we have had fun doing it. The apron and bare bum is an awesome way to work. Wish I could do it.

Cooper and Kennedy goofing off.

Christmas Eve I was in a car accident. Everyone was ok… I am safe and alive and feeling well. Ella, the good old Element is in the shop getting fixed, so I am sporting an awesome Chrysler Sebring like the one below.

Despite the accident I had a good Christmas. I stayed at Andy and Emily’s that night so it was fun to see the kids go crazy. Andy played the old Jenkins Family trick of making the kids sit on the stairs for what probably was an eternity to them before they could go up stairs. Kennedy and Cooper are at a great age where Christmas is fun. They loved all their gift and since Kennedy has been asking for a guitar for months, she got the cutest pink one. Kennedy was afraid “scary man” (which was Santa) was still in the house and upstairs so she was a little hesitant to go running up like Cooper. We were snowed in up in Midway so I jumped on the four wheeler and plowed before heading down to Grammy and Grandpas for Brunch. Christmas was great and I could go on and on but I won’t!!!

My Dad had a pleasant surprise on Christmas morning to wake up to my friend Lyndsey at the door with two dogs in kennels. He was confused as ever only to find out that she was dropping them off for me to house sit them. So since Christmas I have had two little munchkins running around with Millie. They have been so great, and given Millie a run for her money. This is them on one of the few occasions that they were asleep. It was actually in the car ride home. Ever since then it has been pure mayhem.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and hope everyone rings in the new year with good cheer.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday was a good day. I woke up and watched Italian Job, which is one of those movies I can watch over and over and still love.

Alex and I went skiing for a half day up at Solitude. It was bitter cold, but the snow was nice. My legs are out of shape for skiing, so I can't even claim lasting a half day. It was really nice to be out on the skies.

After we had a amazing burrito at Chipotle. Surprise, surprise I was craving it. My dad told me about Cemetery Luminary at the Wasatch Lawn Cemetery so we drove through to see the lights. I was amazed at how huge the cemetery was and how many luminaries were everywhere. I had my camera in the car, but I was so wishing I had a tripod to take some pictures. I did the best I could using the hood of my car.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Provo Usually.....

So Provo with all its holiness, tucked up against the mountains usually looks like this all winter. There is snow, but pretty mild and a usual storm brings a skiff of snow to the streets of downtown Provo. Last year I can only recall having to really shovel my sidewalks and driveway several times. So much to my surprise in the last week or so we have had two really large storms hit Provo. Earlier this week as a huge storm rolled in, I was excited as ever. I was so ready for the snow and loved it. This morning as I am driving to work with terrible driving conditions, slippery roads, and stupid drivers I still have a huge smile on my face for the amount of snow coming down in Orem/Provo. It is so exhilarating. Of course the day would only be so much better if I was at home reading or watching a movie and relaxing. Something about snowy days makes me want to do two things. First hit the slopes skiing and two just curl up on the couch and watch it snow. Then if only life permitted two lazy days in a row to hit the slopes skiing the next day. Wouldn't that be nice. Anyway I am excited for the snow. Driving up 2000 north today I saw this Nissan all over the place and barely making up the short hill. I was grateful for my reliable Element in the snow and that it was steady as ever cruising up the hill.

There are a few things that I am so glad to have as it gets cold. They bring a smile to my face each time I think about winter.

This exact Red down jacket. It is so warm and I am beginning to feel like I live in the thing.

My Rocket dog fur boots. They always keep my feet so toasty warm and completely dry.

And last but not least my new slippers that I wear. They are the best!

I am grateful to live in this beautiful state, with the killer mountains as my backyard, and the wonderful


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ChRiStMaS fEsTiViTiEs

My mom's side of the family got together on Saturday to make and decorate sugar cookies at the bakery. It was so fun for all the kids and everyone. We had so much fun watching the little ones frost and decorate the cookies. I always love seeing all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
the below picture is of my Cousin's little girl Ava and my Niece Attley. So funny! You would have to know Ava to understand she has a reputation of being stubborn and a bully. This displays her personality so well. She is such a babe! I think she is just adorable.
Kennedy was doing an awesome job dumping the whole bottles of sprinkles on unfrosted cookies. She kept looking at my mom and saying "Grammy- more inkles". Every time you asked her what she was doing she would replay "painting".
At this point Kennedy steals Kate's cookie and starts eating it.
Attley was more interested in the sprinkles than the cookies.

Ava Stratton (left), Karen washing dishes (right)

Kennedy Cutting out Cookies (left), Granny and Grandpa Swain (right)

Uncle Mike baking (left), Ava Stratton (right)

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Killers

So I do a lot of driving, so consequently I have been doing a lot of listening to music. I love the new Killers album. In the past some of the albums I haven't loved at first, but they grew on me after I listened to them more. Day & Age I have loved from the beginning. Track number five is so awesome! I love the array of words they use throughout the whole album.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Driving to Janelle's house yesterday the sky was amazing. This picture doesn't even do it justice, but I thought I would try.

Last night we had a girls night. Janelle and I went to our favorite place to eat.... Pizza Factory. It doesn't get better than their salad bar and bread sticks with ranch. On our way there we saw this house. Need a I say more other than Griswalds family...

After dinner we went back to Janelle's for ice cream and to hang out. I ran to the bathroom and when I came out Brody was standing at the door waiting for me. I looked down and saw this. I mean come on Janelle, the kid is just learning how to walk and then you have to go and do this to him to make it more difficult..

It was pretty funny. Just giving you a hard time J face. In a rush to get inside for dinner, due how cold it was, Janelle threw his shoes on. So we didn't notice until we got back to her place. I hadn't seen Brody in awhile and he is still as cute as ever, even with his huge nasty cut and goose ache on his head!

As always it was so good to see Alyssa and we can't forget Jack. As we sat around and talked Alyssa played with Jacks hair so by the end he had a mow hawk. It was awesome.


Wednesday night I went to see the ZOO LIGHTS with the nieces and nephew. Emily brought her sisters twins Sophie and Libby, so we had a lot of children. It was actually really entertaining to see the animals and all the lights. Some of the animals were really active and it was exciting.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ella Got a New Windshield

So way back when I went to Switzerland my windshield cracked. The cause was one of the scorching hot days in Sandy, while it was a the parents house. Anyway I have been lazy and slacking with replacing it... but all for a good cause I guess. So while driving to work I called up the insurance company and my windshield was covered for replacement at no cost. HOORAY. The lady was very nice and I was expecting to have to wait a few days to get it replaced. Oh not even close. She scheduled the appointment for this afternoon and they came to my work to replace it. So simple. I was so convenient and efficient. The lady on the phone told me it would take about and hour and a half to replace so when the guy called at 4:30 saying he was there I was bothered thinking I would be at work later than I wanted. Just a few short twenty minutes later he called me again to say he was done. Out of work by FIVE. It doesn't get better than that. Now I have a brand new windshield. No more eyes hurting from staring at the crack.
p.s. Ella is what the Element was named!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The good stuff....

So I have been a horrible blogger lately. It has been on my mind and I have taken a few pictures with high hopes of blogging, but I have just been a slacker. So finally I thought I would post a few things all in one.
I love my dog (most the time). When I returned home this day though, I did not love my dog at all. It was the day before garbage day and I had just emptied a box of detergent and put some trash in there for the next day. It was sitting on the stove waiting to be taken out and when I returned home to Millie in the house. I found a huge mess in the kitchen.

I didn't even have to say a word and she new she was in trouble. Whenever she gets in trouble she hides under the coffee table. So I dragged her out and pulled her outside. She was in so much trouble and she could tell. She took off from me and was hiding under the patio furniture. So with all my anger I crawled under, grabbed her collar and literally pulled her out from under it all. I locked her in her kennel for a good hour, not feeling one bit bad that she was locked up. Did I mention that I had just cleaned the kitchen that day.. err!!

My brothers little girl is back in town for a visit. She came the day before Thanksgiving and will be here until the first of January. We are all so happy to see her and get to know her more. She is a sweetheart and is totally my brother little girl with her looks.

The other night I was at JJ and his girlfriend Brandy's house and she was being so cute with her dolls. She had them lined up and was changing their diapers with desitin and all. There she was just jabbering away as if they totally understood what she was saying.

So the remodel of the bedroom hasn't ever been completely finished. I had decided to create more space in my room by getting rid of my armours and building a bed that I could store bins under. So I drew up the plans and with the help of my grandpa got all the wood cut. Well I have been lazy at finishing it. I think I lost steam on the project when I realized I needed to stain the wood. Anyway after several cold nights of being in the carport painting I finally got it all done. Being super motivated I decided to try and start assembling it the other night. Well lets just say it wasn't easy alone. I only have two arms and holding a piece of wood in place, holding a bracket tight against it and screwing in the screws proved to be difficult. So yesterday Alex came down and helped me put it together. I don't think there would have ever been a way I could have done it by myself. It isn't finished but I made a lot of progress and am hoping to get it done in the next day or two. HOORAY!

I know in these pictures I look like I am not doing a lot, but I did help. What can I say, Alex was just faster at using the dewalt than I was.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its Saturday... I'm in Love

So I have a new LoVe.... CHIPOTLE. So for lunch this wonderful saturday I got to grab a burrito with Alex. I have eaten at Chipotle a lot but lately I LOVE it. The burritos are hUgE and I never can finish them. So sitting here on this saturday evening I had the left overs from lunch. It was sooo good. Lately I have been craving their burritos and now after a perfect left over dinner, Chipotle has be me wanting more. Anyway if you haven't eaten there you should. The best part is that they put green peppers and onions in the burrito. Mmmmmm

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I have been spending some saturdays the last several weeks watching Cyclocross. It is a blast to watch. I have taken my camera along on a few of them so I thought I would post some pictures.

Thank you Alex for letting me post pictures!!!