Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ChRiStMaS fEsTiViTiEs

My mom's side of the family got together on Saturday to make and decorate sugar cookies at the bakery. It was so fun for all the kids and everyone. We had so much fun watching the little ones frost and decorate the cookies. I always love seeing all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
the below picture is of my Cousin's little girl Ava and my Niece Attley. So funny! You would have to know Ava to understand she has a reputation of being stubborn and a bully. This displays her personality so well. She is such a babe! I think she is just adorable.
Kennedy was doing an awesome job dumping the whole bottles of sprinkles on unfrosted cookies. She kept looking at my mom and saying "Grammy- more inkles". Every time you asked her what she was doing she would replay "painting".
At this point Kennedy steals Kate's cookie and starts eating it.
Attley was more interested in the sprinkles than the cookies.

Ava Stratton (left), Karen washing dishes (right)

Kennedy Cutting out Cookies (left), Granny and Grandpa Swain (right)

Uncle Mike baking (left), Ava Stratton (right)

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