Thursday, December 18, 2008

Provo Usually.....

So Provo with all its holiness, tucked up against the mountains usually looks like this all winter. There is snow, but pretty mild and a usual storm brings a skiff of snow to the streets of downtown Provo. Last year I can only recall having to really shovel my sidewalks and driveway several times. So much to my surprise in the last week or so we have had two really large storms hit Provo. Earlier this week as a huge storm rolled in, I was excited as ever. I was so ready for the snow and loved it. This morning as I am driving to work with terrible driving conditions, slippery roads, and stupid drivers I still have a huge smile on my face for the amount of snow coming down in Orem/Provo. It is so exhilarating. Of course the day would only be so much better if I was at home reading or watching a movie and relaxing. Something about snowy days makes me want to do two things. First hit the slopes skiing and two just curl up on the couch and watch it snow. Then if only life permitted two lazy days in a row to hit the slopes skiing the next day. Wouldn't that be nice. Anyway I am excited for the snow. Driving up 2000 north today I saw this Nissan all over the place and barely making up the short hill. I was grateful for my reliable Element in the snow and that it was steady as ever cruising up the hill.

There are a few things that I am so glad to have as it gets cold. They bring a smile to my face each time I think about winter.

This exact Red down jacket. It is so warm and I am beginning to feel like I live in the thing.

My Rocket dog fur boots. They always keep my feet so toasty warm and completely dry.

And last but not least my new slippers that I wear. They are the best!

I am grateful to live in this beautiful state, with the killer mountains as my backyard, and the wonderful



Lindsey said...

Love it! But more importantly, where did you get those incredible slippers? Those are ubber fabulous!!

Chellor said...

You and your darned snow! I'm going back to the 80 degree weather of Arizona! (I wish) :(