Monday, December 8, 2008

The good stuff....

So I have been a horrible blogger lately. It has been on my mind and I have taken a few pictures with high hopes of blogging, but I have just been a slacker. So finally I thought I would post a few things all in one.
I love my dog (most the time). When I returned home this day though, I did not love my dog at all. It was the day before garbage day and I had just emptied a box of detergent and put some trash in there for the next day. It was sitting on the stove waiting to be taken out and when I returned home to Millie in the house. I found a huge mess in the kitchen.

I didn't even have to say a word and she new she was in trouble. Whenever she gets in trouble she hides under the coffee table. So I dragged her out and pulled her outside. She was in so much trouble and she could tell. She took off from me and was hiding under the patio furniture. So with all my anger I crawled under, grabbed her collar and literally pulled her out from under it all. I locked her in her kennel for a good hour, not feeling one bit bad that she was locked up. Did I mention that I had just cleaned the kitchen that day.. err!!

My brothers little girl is back in town for a visit. She came the day before Thanksgiving and will be here until the first of January. We are all so happy to see her and get to know her more. She is a sweetheart and is totally my brother little girl with her looks.

The other night I was at JJ and his girlfriend Brandy's house and she was being so cute with her dolls. She had them lined up and was changing their diapers with desitin and all. There she was just jabbering away as if they totally understood what she was saying.

So the remodel of the bedroom hasn't ever been completely finished. I had decided to create more space in my room by getting rid of my armours and building a bed that I could store bins under. So I drew up the plans and with the help of my grandpa got all the wood cut. Well I have been lazy at finishing it. I think I lost steam on the project when I realized I needed to stain the wood. Anyway after several cold nights of being in the carport painting I finally got it all done. Being super motivated I decided to try and start assembling it the other night. Well lets just say it wasn't easy alone. I only have two arms and holding a piece of wood in place, holding a bracket tight against it and screwing in the screws proved to be difficult. So yesterday Alex came down and helped me put it together. I don't think there would have ever been a way I could have done it by myself. It isn't finished but I made a lot of progress and am hoping to get it done in the next day or two. HOORAY!

I know in these pictures I look like I am not doing a lot, but I did help. What can I say, Alex was just faster at using the dewalt than I was.

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