Sunday, May 29, 2011

U2 Concert

Last Tuesday I went to the U2 concert. It was one of those concerts that you have on your "concerts I want to see before I die". I was so excited that they were finally actually coming to town. The show was AMAZING.

The stage was huge... and a show in itself.

I knew Bono was getting old, but I didn't realize he was 51. He is looking good for his age!

Oh and Edge isn't so bad looking himself!

It was a great night. Tony and Karen, Brandy and JJ were there and it was fun to be with the brothers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stump be gone

I hired a guy to come stump my huge tree I took out. It was so fast. He just pulled up, stumped the tree. It was only $80 for him to do it and before I knew it he as gone.

Now I am just left with a lot of wood chips! (I am not complaining). Now the rest of my fence can go in on the south side.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Never a dull moment around my house....

There never seems to be a dull moment around the house. It is always one thing or another. I came home the other day to my dog missing.... That is not the unusual. This time was particularly odd because Millie decided to jump the fence with her her collar on. I can only imagine she about killed herself with this stunt, but she managed to slip out of her collar and survive. Oh the joys of my dog.

Such an awesome dog!

The behind the scenes side of this story is that since her collar was not on, and she got out, finding her was a challenge. Luckily she is known around the neighborhood so she was returned home shortley.

Days Later I came out to go to work and found a very LARGE dead bird behind my car. It was so sad. I am not talking a small little bird that fell from the trees, this was a huge bird. After further examination, I found out that there was a huge gash in the bird. Probably guessing this is why he was dead, but I wonder what happened.

And yes I was sad....

Caution: This picture is kind of gross

I was really sad and Millie kept trying to move and play with the bird. Since garbage day had just happened I didn't want to throw the bird in the trash and have it sit for a week and rot, so I thought I would bury it when I got home from work. I put it in a box and put the box in my carport. Apon returning from work, I found the box tipped over and the bird gone. The whole thing was just gone. It was crazy! So much for burying it.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Jenkins Family Member

Tony and Karen had their baby girl. They named her Lela Jenkins and she was 6 lbs 5 oz. Tony calls her little sis, which I absolutley love. She is adorable.

Baby Owen is so cute with Lela. I love this picture!

Little one had so much hair, except on the top of her head.

Kennedy and Cooper just love when Lela comes around. We went to dinner as a family and they just loved her and how small she was.

Kennedy was so happy to hold her

The girls at Easter.

I adore this little guy. He is such a joy.

I couldn't help put post this picture of Delaney and JJ. Cooper had put a toy bluetooth on her ear and it was hilarious. Toys these days. When I was a little kid the idea of bluetooth wasn't even around let alone toy versions of that weren't even around. Times have changed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

First Boating of the Summer

Friday May 13th was my first time out boating for the season. You might ask yourself if this is a little early to be out boating.. Yes it is. Thankfully I had my full wet suit on. Water temp was 54 and it was glass. Perfect for wake boarding. Kimmy, Dan and I had a great evening on the lake. It was a perfect superstition free weekend. After a nice boat ride, I decided it was too nice of water to not go.

Kimmy ripping it up out on the water

This picture is awesome. The sun was in the background and the water was delightful

Snow on the mountain tops, wake boarding in the lake. Only in Utah!

Kimmy enjoying the water!

The sunset was awesome and we just sat and chilled on the boat listening to Adele. Great times, great tunes, great weather.

Tradition is for Kimmy and I to cuddle. When we had a gathering at the motorhome last summer Kimmy and I cuddled. We captured it on camera, so we thought we would continue the tradition.. Kimmy insisted she wrapped her arms around me. What can I say.. I am a good cuddler!

Plus we were warm snuggled next to each other

It was a beautiful sunset!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Makeover

Since I moved into the house the color of my house has always has alwasy bothered me. It was this creme (with a hint of peach) color and it just looked dirty and gross. So I finally got around to having it painted. I went with a really dark grey color, but I like it.

I used white and red accent colors and I think it turned out well. The house look a ton better, and with my new white fence that is going in the house doesn't look as white trash as it used to.

Luckily the weather was nice enought for several days in a row to allow for it to be painted.

Also my sister-in-law has this cute star wall in their bedroom at their house. I always loved the idea, so awhile back I started collected stars. I wanted to put them on my back porch, but didn't want to hang them until I repainted the house. So I finally got them hung.

As you can see I still need a few more.. So if you are ever out and about and see metal stars, let me know.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I am not the typical girl... I get so excited when I get new tools. Call me crazy, but I just love them. I have wanted a miter saw for some time now, but I broke down and bought one. Wish some people could have been over to see my excitement. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. I was like a gitty kid. So what better way to start a shed project, then with buying a new saw! Pure joy!

After much contemplation I decided that I wanted to build a shed in the backyard where my firepit was. I figured it would be a quick project if I just bought a tuff shed. After much research I figured out tuff shed was super expensive. Being practical I thought, I can build the same size shed for WAY cheaper. So after pricing it out.. I headed to home depot.

The start of my big project.

Being naive I thought I could get the shed up in a weekend.... Boy was I wrong

The above picture with the floor done.

Framing went really well. This is with two walls up. I was thankful for a compressor and frame nailer.

Things with the shed went really well. The siding was a little hard to get up. Thanks Dave and Grover for being a part of that lovely experience.

Millie was a huge fan of the new shed. She would just hang out in there. She also was a fan of all the wood laying around. While building it I think she ate a whole 2X4 during the process.

Classic Millie sitting in the shed as if she owned the thing. Anyway the siding was up, and moving along.

I thought that building my own trusses would save me a ton of money... what I didn't realize is that they would be extremely time consuming... note to anyone building a shed. Eat the extra cost and buy premade trusses.

Inside I put up peg board on two of the walls. The stuff was a little pricey, but I am excited to hang all my tools up.

I got a work bench for my birthday.

Miss Millie hangout out in the shed.

The shed getting really close to being done. Shingles are heavy. They should warn people of that. So I headed into home depot to buy them, not knowing they weighed a ton for a bundle. As I am in the eisle struggling not one home depot person offered to help. It's ok though.. I am a tuff girl. Getting them on the cart was nothing compared to how the heck I was going to get them up on top of the shed to put them down. Thankfully I had help!

It was an awesome project! Took way longer than I wanted or expected, but they always do. They shed has since been painted the same color as my house (I repainted the exterior of my house- I will post shortly). I just need to put the trim on it. Now if the weather would not act like March in May, then I might be able to get this done.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Backyard Mess/Tree Removal/ New Fence

So I am the queen of starting huge projects and almost finishing them, but leaving the little details to get unfinished. I hate it about myself. So before the basement is 100% complete I decided to tackle a different LARGE project outside. I don't even know where to start on this blog post... so here it goes.

Since I moved in Millie has been able to jump my fence in the back yard. It has made leaving her in the backyard during the day very difficult. So I decided this spring to replace the fence. It was much needed anyway, since the whole south side was pretty much completely falling down. So after several overpriced bids, I figured with some help it could be managed on my own. MISTAKE #1... but needless to say I moved forward with project.

Part of the reason my fence was a disaster on the south side was due to this huge tree in the backyard.

The fence was hardly together on the one side due to the root growing!

So the first part of the project was to cut the tree down! Had to barrow my brothers truck and bobcat to haul it all off. I called Provo city for some help, since my power line went right through the tree, but they were unwilling since it wasn't a main power line! They were extremely unhelpful. They did inform me that since they were not willing to help, that if I damanged the power line at all I would have to pay for it.

I did enjoy driving the bobcat and dumping the huge parts on the tree in the trailer.

As you can see in the pictures the tree was unique to say the least. Not to mention that it was hallow in the center on a lot of the branches. Kind of cool! I love the below picture. The sun was setting one night and it looked awesome.

Once all the main branches and stuff was hauled away we still have this massive stump to deal with. So a friend of a friend that works at Provo city (he cuts trees down for his job), came and helped cut the bottom with his huge chain saw!

This picutre kind of gives you an idea of actually how big this root of this tree was!

Once we started taking the tree down the rest of the fence just fell over. Now I have to go outside with Millie everytime she has to go the bathroom. Not my favorite things, especially at 5 in the morning when she gets up.

Since I had the bobcat I decided to rip out a small cement riser that was on the side of the house. With the fence going in, it had to go. This is the truck all loaded up with the cement. It wasn't an easy.

With all the cement gone and the area leveled some posts finally got put in. So I am making progress.

Now I just need a few more hours in each day to work on this project.