Friday, May 20, 2011

First Boating of the Summer

Friday May 13th was my first time out boating for the season. You might ask yourself if this is a little early to be out boating.. Yes it is. Thankfully I had my full wet suit on. Water temp was 54 and it was glass. Perfect for wake boarding. Kimmy, Dan and I had a great evening on the lake. It was a perfect superstition free weekend. After a nice boat ride, I decided it was too nice of water to not go.

Kimmy ripping it up out on the water

This picture is awesome. The sun was in the background and the water was delightful

Snow on the mountain tops, wake boarding in the lake. Only in Utah!

Kimmy enjoying the water!

The sunset was awesome and we just sat and chilled on the boat listening to Adele. Great times, great tunes, great weather.

Tradition is for Kimmy and I to cuddle. When we had a gathering at the motorhome last summer Kimmy and I cuddled. We captured it on camera, so we thought we would continue the tradition.. Kimmy insisted she wrapped her arms around me. What can I say.. I am a good cuddler!

Plus we were warm snuggled next to each other

It was a beautiful sunset!

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Kimmy said...

haha love it! my pic with dan is awesome. but where are the pics of you and i cuddling? hmm?