Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I am not the typical girl... I get so excited when I get new tools. Call me crazy, but I just love them. I have wanted a miter saw for some time now, but I broke down and bought one. Wish some people could have been over to see my excitement. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. I was like a gitty kid. So what better way to start a shed project, then with buying a new saw! Pure joy!

After much contemplation I decided that I wanted to build a shed in the backyard where my firepit was. I figured it would be a quick project if I just bought a tuff shed. After much research I figured out tuff shed was super expensive. Being practical I thought, I can build the same size shed for WAY cheaper. So after pricing it out.. I headed to home depot.

The start of my big project.

Being naive I thought I could get the shed up in a weekend.... Boy was I wrong

The above picture with the floor done.

Framing went really well. This is with two walls up. I was thankful for a compressor and frame nailer.

Things with the shed went really well. The siding was a little hard to get up. Thanks Dave and Grover for being a part of that lovely experience.

Millie was a huge fan of the new shed. She would just hang out in there. She also was a fan of all the wood laying around. While building it I think she ate a whole 2X4 during the process.

Classic Millie sitting in the shed as if she owned the thing. Anyway the siding was up, and moving along.

I thought that building my own trusses would save me a ton of money... what I didn't realize is that they would be extremely time consuming... note to anyone building a shed. Eat the extra cost and buy premade trusses.

Inside I put up peg board on two of the walls. The stuff was a little pricey, but I am excited to hang all my tools up.

I got a work bench for my birthday.

Miss Millie hangout out in the shed.

The shed getting really close to being done. Shingles are heavy. They should warn people of that. So I headed into home depot to buy them, not knowing they weighed a ton for a bundle. As I am in the eisle struggling not one home depot person offered to help. It's ok though.. I am a tuff girl. Getting them on the cart was nothing compared to how the heck I was going to get them up on top of the shed to put them down. Thankfully I had help!

It was an awesome project! Took way longer than I wanted or expected, but they always do. They shed has since been painted the same color as my house (I repainted the exterior of my house- I will post shortly). I just need to put the trim on it. Now if the weather would not act like March in May, then I might be able to get this done.


Stacy said...

holy cow you are crazy! It is really cool though to see all your fun house projects! Your house looks GREAT!

Jennifer Lane said...

You amaze me. Next on your list....buying an old car.

The Nielsens said...

Conner has wanted to build a shed forever. Now I know who to ask! It looks great!