Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grateful and VERY Thankful

In the whole bathroom remodel the wiring for electrical got updated. New lines and switches were put in. When we tried to hook up the electrical it just wasn't working quite right. On several attempt it ended up with switches turning off the whole power to the house. On the last attempt when the kitchen light was turned on, the light in the bathroom light turned on as well. It was definitely messed up. Well a VERY special thanks to Gary and James Worthington (My bosses) for coming over this afternoon and getting all my electrical working. They even were kind enough to run a new line to ground the newly added outlets from the bathroom. They were so kind to give up their time and come help me and I want to publicly Thank them. Now when I turn the kitchen light on, only the kitchen light turns on. The outlets in the bathroom won't blow up if I use them, and the when you flip that white switch on in the bathroom the bathroom light turns on. Amazing!!!
In an attempt to keep up with the Spring Clean one room at a time I decided since the Laundry room was dirty, and torn apart I would spend a little time cleaning in there. Man it felt good. I wiped down the walls, cupboards, swept the floor, mopped and even decided to go the extra mile and seal the slate one more time. Two rooms down, so many to go!!

Burger King Fries

All through high school I loved McDonald's french fries. They were my favorite. When I got to college I fell in love with Wendy's fries. Just last week I went to Burger King on a whim. Seeing that Burger King is next to Wendy's in provo I had never been there in Provo due to my love for Wendy's. Anyway I had Burger King's Fries and I have to say that they are the best right now. My tasting might be really off, or maybe I am always eating there when I am starved, but still I have to say they are some darn good fries.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Clean One Room At A Time

With the warmer weather I was feeling like some spring cleaning. With the bathroom remodel it has been difficult to even get that finished that project let alone laundry, dishes and everything else like spring cleaning. In order to get the plumbing working in the shower we had to access it from my bedroom. The trap door was right behind my night stand and bed. So we moved the whole bedroom to the middle of the room to create room to maneuver around. This created a mess of a room (which usually is already how it is). So once the plumbing was all done I decided it was time to deep clean (Spring Clean) the bedroom. When I used to live at home I loved to move around my room and rearrange the furniture. With my large room at my parents home it made it really easy. With my small bedroom here at the house there isn't much room to change things up, but I decided I really wanted to rearrange my bed. So I measured it out and it seemed things would fit if I turned the bed. I moved all of the furniture and wiped the walls down. I vacuumed baseboards, dusted, cleaned the blinds, flipped the mattress, washed the sheets, and the whole works. The best part of cleaning and rearranging furniture is first that things get clean, and second that you throw away all the junk that has accumulated. Now that I have a clean bedroom and an almost finished and clean bathroom I am going to Spring clean one room at a time for the next week. The best part of the whole thing is once I am done inside I get to start outside with the lawn, patio and backyard. Oh I love having my house. (But really I do).

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Bike Ride

So after my huge accident I finally got my bike back. I needed a new fork (the bar that holds the front tire on the bike) and so after a few weeks my brother Tony received one for free and got my bike back to working. My brother Tony called on Friday and asked if I wanted to come up and go on a training ride for our St. George trip. So Saturday morning early I packed my bike up and headed to Sandy. What I didn't know about the bike ride was that he planned to ride for three hours. Tony, Karen (Tony's girlfriend), JJ and Scott Seare and I set out on just after nine.
Here is a map of the ride. It is pretty accurate but might be a few roads off.

I road 29 miles in about three hours. It was so windy yesterday, which didn't make the ride easy. The wind was 15 miles per hour and so at times I felt like I wasn't moving forward. The ride went well and I am sore. Thanks to Fierce Grape Gatorade, goo gel, and candies made for biking, and a LOT of water I am feeling pretty good. Bring on St. George!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Things I LOVE!

So I have been in this crazy mood where I am so grateful for the things that I love right now. My list is so long and each day I love that these things are around. So I thought I would share some of them.

1. Dr. Pepper- I drink it so much, which I know is so bad but it tastes so darn good.
2. Burts Bees chap stick. It is the best chap stick I have EVER used
3. MAC makeup- I love it.
4. Lucky perfume
5. Kneaders Fruit Tarts and Chocolate covered strawberries (OK really all their desserts but these ones especially right now)
6. The color RED
7. Matt Kearney CD- It is one of those Cd's for me that I can listen to the whole thing and not get sick of it!
8. Chocolate Milk
9. Steak and Potato Dinner
10. Twix candy bars
11. The small round ice- I love it. They have it at a few gas stations close to work and I go in just for a cup of ice! It is perfect to chew on.
12. The Jensen Family- Poor Jeremy, Janelle and Brody have had to put up with me at their house so much lately. They have been so wonderful to invite to countless dinners and are beyond nice to let me shower at their house. They are wonderful. Not to mention that Brody is they happiest baby and so stinking cute!
13. TV Shows- Yes I know that is lame but I love them. American Idol, One Tree Hill, The Hills, The Office, The Bachelor, Samantha Who?, Grey's Anatomy, The Ellen DeGeneres Show... the list goes on.
14. I love my MOM- she is so wonderful and amazing. Almost every morning we talk and I love our conversations. I sure do love her.
15. Pandora Radio- It is the best thing ever. You type in an artist and it plays songs from that artist plus other artist with that same feel that you might like. It makes work wonderful cause then I have music to listen to.
16. 24 Hour Fitness Membership- I am so grateful for my gym membership. I enjoy going to work out and relieving stress. I also am so grateful that I can go there and shower.
17. My Cell Phone- Yet again another lame thing but the other night my car had problems as I was getting off the freeway and I was so grateful to have a phone to call for help.
18. Little Miss Millie- My dog has the heart so big. She is a pill sometimes, OK a lot, but I sure love her. She is always so happy to see me. She has this love for tennis balls and playing fetch and I hate to brag but she really is a beautiful dog. Not to mention she cuddles!
19. Shoes- I am obsessed with shoes. I love to buy them, look at them, wear them. All of it. I want more shoes even though I have like over 100 pairs. Literally!
20. My House- I know my house is messy, and being remodeled but I am so grateful for a wonderful home and place to live. I truly am blessed.

Anyway these are just a few things that I am dearly grateful are in this world.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bathroom Update

The bathroom has definitely taken longer than I expected but it is coming long really well. I thought I would post some picture to give an update. I am still without a shower which is not so fun. I do have a working toilets so no more maverick runs thankfully. I finished tiling my shower and the bathroom is finally coming long. I have to paint and then get everything put back together.

A new window was added
I wanted to tie the slate floor into the shower so we put a boarder around the shower.
I grouted the floor and sealed it so we are making good headway

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cyclist Awareness Commercial

Today on Ellen she had this funny commercial about cyclist awareness. Being a new biker I thought it was pretty good. Not to mention funny.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photography Blog

So I created a photography blog to post my pictures. I have been to various places and taken some fun pictures and I have always thought about posting them so I finally got around to doing it. Photography is a little hidden passion of mine, and I have this dream of owning a small photography business someday. I would love to take pictures of little baby's, kids, and family everyday. There is something about capturing smiles, and emotions through pictures. I hope you all enjoy taking a glance at the pictures. I have been very blessed and have been to some wonderful places throughout the world. The picture below is one of my favorites. It is taken in Monument Valley.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bathroom Remodel Started

So I have this pattern concerning the house. I will start a project and get half way through it and then I can't wait to have my house put back together and promise myself I will wait a very long time before starting the next project, but then I get motivated and start other project. My bathroom has been a disaster since the home was purchased.

About a month ago I decided that I couldn't take it any longer and I wanted to remodel it next. I have spent the last month scouring Home Depot, the Internet and various stores for deals and sales on bathroom items. I purchased slate tile for the floor, a new toilet, a new vanity, new mirror, paint for the walls. Basically all the stuff for the remodel. I promised myself I wouldn't start the project until I had everything purchased everything for the remodel. Thanks to my tax return I was able to get everything and Saturday the project goes underway. My brother JJ is coming down to help me with everything so to save time I am trying to have the bathroom all ready to put up new walls. This involved some serious demolition and destruction.
The Bathroom Before

Bathroom Demolition

Fake Tiles off the wall

The below picture is of a huge spider web that was behind the walls once they came down. I freaked out. I HATE spiders. I am going to make sure to spray bug killer, set off a few bug bombs, and whatever else I can before the new walls go up. Oh the joys of buying a 1917 home!!!

Anyway there will be more pictures to come and finished product.....