Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Basement Remodel- New Bathroom

So when I decided to remodel the basement, I ADDED a bathroom. There was no bathroom downstairs, just this creepy old scary cold storage room. It was one of those rooms that I never dared enter unless I absolutely had to.

It was a huge process and I probably should post more of the photo's. Eventually I will, but for now I finally got the bathroom 98% done. I have a few little things to finish up.

This was a long, FUN project. Besides putting in the sump pump I did everything on my own (and some help from friends).

I decided a long time ago I wanted to make the vanity and countertop. It was a lot of work, but worth it.

The countertop is a cement countertop I made. I created the mold and poured the cement. It turned out really cool. I placed a bike chain around the outside for a decorative border.

The walls are a grey and I picked tourquise for the accent colors.

It was a lot of fun decorating.

Tiling the whole floor and walls took forevery, but it looked really good!

This tiny window was a great addition. Made tiling a little tricky.

The below picture is super dark, but kind of gives you an idea about the bathroom.

Glad that this big project is mostly done. Now I just need to get motivated and finish the small things like baseboards, and finalizing the doors.