Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Secret Love Affair

So I now have a secret love affair with Ray LaMontagne. Ok maybe it is not so secret. Ashley and Chelsi know about it. I mean who wouldn't love a rugged man serenading you with love songs on his guitar. We went to his concert last night at Saltair and it was wonderful. He has this raspy voice and sings the most amazing love songs. It was a great night.

Chelsi, Ash, Alex and I went to The Tin Angel for dinner. It was a good meal, despite the restaurant was too loud for my taste. After we drove out to the show and spent the next two hours listening to music. Leona Naess opened for him and I really enjoyed her music.
On another note, after a half day of work yesterday I had some pleasant and not so pleasant Dr visits. I went to the dentist, which I absolutely love. Yes I am weird.... while most people hate the dentist I am a giddy kid when I get to go get my teeth cleaned. I go way more often than six months if possible. Oh that feeling after is just sure bliss. I am proud to say no cavities which seems to be the pattern lately, but that wasn't the case when I was a child. Guess it is ok that I drink so much Dr. Pepper each day. After the dentist I hit up the dirty doctor. Not always so fun, but actually the visit was short and sweet. I feel like I am cramming in doctor visits before the end of the year as to get all the use I can out of my insurance since I have met my deductible...

Monday, October 27, 2008


Despite waking up and becoming sick on Sunday I had a pretty good weekend. I thought I would post some pictures. Best Halloween costume goes to unknow Frankenstein. He was 6'4" tall and with platform shoes he was standing 6'9". Very tall.

Sunday night I went up to Midway to see Cooper in his Primary Program. What a stud he is. After we had dinner we then headed out on the four wheelers. It was very cold, but super fun. Cooper and Kennedy love being on the "bikes" as they call them. We went up snake creek canyon at there was SNOW on the ground! Glad to see that winter is arriving.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Unspoken Rule

Apparently there is an Unspoken Rule in Provo....... In a three mile direction all around BYU campus pedestrians (really bikers, walkers, runners, rollerbladers, and skateboards) have right away. Now I would agree that pedestrians (and all the others) are important and I promote going green, saving money and using various forms of transporations, but come on. So I live on 700 East and my house falls in that category of being within a three mile radius of BYU... I did know this when I bought the house... so I do have some blame in this frustration. Everday I drive home and go down 500 North past the Provo library and the famous 7-11. Now if you know Provo you know that 800 North and 500 North are very busy roads. It is pathetic how horrible this situation is. The worst is that cars are now heeding to the pedestrians so that at any given moment you can be driving down 500 north and have the car in front of you SLAM on their brakes to let a pedestrain cross. So I was driving down the wonderful streets of Provo the other day (sarcasm here) and the car in front of me SLAMS on her brakes going thirty miles per hour. So I slam on mine and send all my bags on the front seat to the floor. Cursing at the horrible driver I then look to see what direction the pedestrian is headed. Oh wait I couldn't see one. So I am wondering what the hell she is doing. So I looked a little harder and three houses down the street a pedestrian is appearing to approach the cross walk in a minute or so. So we sit there and wait. I was SO angry. I mean come on..... Yes I am dead serious we sat so that this person could have the right of way. If the city of Provo wanted them to have the right of way they would have put cross walks on all the street, but there aren't any. So people keep driving. Now I understand that if you choose to drive down 800 North then you are committing suicide and torture due to all the students around, but there are FOUR crosswalks on the road giving pedestrians the right of way. All other streets are normal roads. Remember the rule as a child. You stop on the side of the road and look both ways. If a car is coming you wait and cross when it is clear. The thing that kills me is that people just keep walking once they come to a road and when they almost walk into a moving vehicle they look at you, throw their hands up in the air, and you know they are thinking swear words like YOU did something wrong. On several occasions I have had people touch my moving vehicle as if to point out I am in the wrong. Oh no way!! As you can tell I am a little frustrated with driving/pedestrians in Provo. Just had to vent my anger.. this blog post is more fitting for an but I am just being honest!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My OLD House

So I knew what I was getting into when I purchased on older home, but I sure wasn't hoping or wanting things to crumble underneath me all at one. It has been a crazy last few weeks.... but I am alive. I decided it was a good time in my life to ripe up my room and later found out that I should have waited. I guess I could never have predicted more problems to arise. So one day I woke up to hear water running into what I thought was my room. Due to the room remodel and opening up my room I began to hear water running into space (crawl space that is) IN my house. Yes that is right. Every time anyone used the bathroom or washer water was draining straight into the ghetto hole of my house. So after consulting with many plumbers (quotes ranging from $500-$1500) my wonderful brother came down to my rescue. JJ and Tony were so kind to come down and help me After crawling into the deep dark crawl spaces of my home, a trip to Home Depot and some Jimmy rigging, we fixed my pipe for around $50. Definitely better than $500 or even $1500. I must say that we are no plumbers but hey, my pipes are not leaking. So resourceful. Once my leaking pipe was fixed it lead to my plumbing starting to back up. It was NOT fun. The toilet, shower, washer and sink were causing problem. So another call to JJ (who I might add is so wonderful) and I had barrowed his snake (a device to clean pipes). In order to save myself $175 or more, we decided to snake the line ourselves. Let's just say I never want to be a plumber and I guess I understand why they make so much money. So after several (I think five) times of putting the snake down the pipes they were clear!! Plumbing restored. Thank you JJ and Ashley for your help!!!

This is the glorious, smelly, strong, and awkward SNAKE!

Just to let you know how stinking hilarious my roommates are check out the post from Ashley. Oh the good times at the house!

Saturday's are always days I used to catch up on things for the coming week. So after fixing the plumbing next on the list was catching up on Laundry. Oh my least favorite thing. Since my plumbing was messed up the Laundry had piled up. So to make things faster and easier I hit up the local Laundry mat. After 5 MEGA loads I finally got all the laundry done. Last on my list for this Saturday was putting the finishing touches on my room. So I slaved away getting everything back to the way I wanted it. I got my bed all made and have to show off my awesome lamp. Thanks to Ashley.. she gifted it to me. It is now one of the coolest things in my room. The picture doesn't even do it justice. I am so please with the new room and on this project I definitely stepped out of my NORM for the remodel!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Room Disaster

So for the last several weeks I have felt I just needed change in my life. I didn't know exactly what, but I just felt I needed something. I thought about moving to SLC, or moving up to Midway with my brother and sister. Anyway after much thought I decided to ripe up my room. I don't know what came over me but I just started going crazy. I am far from being done but I thought I would give an update
Before Pictures

My old hideous blinds

This is the floor after just a few minutes.

My grandparents came over to help me with a few things.

I put down new flooring

So I decided to be bold and I painted on of my walls yellow

To match my yellow wall and to have fun in my room I am getting this comforter.

Anyway once I am all done and have my room all put together I will post pictures.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I didn't sign up for this.....

I have the cutest little dog in the world and I absolutely adore her. She is so great. Lately she has been getting up SEVERAL times in the night and wanting to be let outside. Now see I don't have kids and Millie has been out of her puppy phase for some time now so I did not sign up for this. I have been really bothered. A little fact about me is that I love my sleep so when my dog has been waking me up four to five times a night to go outside... well lets just say I have been not so happy. I mean I am sure it is understandable (as annoying as it is) when you have to get up because of a child.... but a almost two year old DOG is unacceptable. And the thing that gets me the most is it is not even because she has to pee... it is to get her ball and just roam around the backyard. So if anyone has any great hints as to how to break this habit let me know. I am quite sick of the licks in the middle of the night on my face just to go out for a stroll at FOUR o'clock in the morning. Sorry had to vent!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Midway/Snake Creek Canyon

I have been slacking on the blog, but last night I went up to Midway and went up Snake Creek Canyon. The leaves are changing and it was absolutely beautiful. My brother Andy bought a new Rzr four wheel drive thing and it was so fun to cruize around in it. Kennedy was sitting on my lap and despite the VERY bumpy road she found a way to sleep almost the whole trip. She is a babe!