Sunday, October 5, 2008

Room Disaster

So for the last several weeks I have felt I just needed change in my life. I didn't know exactly what, but I just felt I needed something. I thought about moving to SLC, or moving up to Midway with my brother and sister. Anyway after much thought I decided to ripe up my room. I don't know what came over me but I just started going crazy. I am far from being done but I thought I would give an update
Before Pictures

My old hideous blinds

This is the floor after just a few minutes.

My grandparents came over to help me with a few things.

I put down new flooring

So I decided to be bold and I painted on of my walls yellow

To match my yellow wall and to have fun in my room I am getting this comforter.

Anyway once I am all done and have my room all put together I will post pictures.


Chellor said...

Woah Lac, the floor looks great! I'm sad I wasn't able to be there to help yesterday. :( Can't wait till it's all complete!

Lindsey said...

Lacy that looks so awesome!! The floors are beautiful and I LOVE That bedspread, it's so cute!!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

I love when you go on your home project sprees. You do a good job. We went to Kneaders again today (my second time), but it was the one in Provo. Yummo.