Friday, October 24, 2008

Unspoken Rule

Apparently there is an Unspoken Rule in Provo....... In a three mile direction all around BYU campus pedestrians (really bikers, walkers, runners, rollerbladers, and skateboards) have right away. Now I would agree that pedestrians (and all the others) are important and I promote going green, saving money and using various forms of transporations, but come on. So I live on 700 East and my house falls in that category of being within a three mile radius of BYU... I did know this when I bought the house... so I do have some blame in this frustration. Everday I drive home and go down 500 North past the Provo library and the famous 7-11. Now if you know Provo you know that 800 North and 500 North are very busy roads. It is pathetic how horrible this situation is. The worst is that cars are now heeding to the pedestrians so that at any given moment you can be driving down 500 north and have the car in front of you SLAM on their brakes to let a pedestrain cross. So I was driving down the wonderful streets of Provo the other day (sarcasm here) and the car in front of me SLAMS on her brakes going thirty miles per hour. So I slam on mine and send all my bags on the front seat to the floor. Cursing at the horrible driver I then look to see what direction the pedestrian is headed. Oh wait I couldn't see one. So I am wondering what the hell she is doing. So I looked a little harder and three houses down the street a pedestrian is appearing to approach the cross walk in a minute or so. So we sit there and wait. I was SO angry. I mean come on..... Yes I am dead serious we sat so that this person could have the right of way. If the city of Provo wanted them to have the right of way they would have put cross walks on all the street, but there aren't any. So people keep driving. Now I understand that if you choose to drive down 800 North then you are committing suicide and torture due to all the students around, but there are FOUR crosswalks on the road giving pedestrians the right of way. All other streets are normal roads. Remember the rule as a child. You stop on the side of the road and look both ways. If a car is coming you wait and cross when it is clear. The thing that kills me is that people just keep walking once they come to a road and when they almost walk into a moving vehicle they look at you, throw their hands up in the air, and you know they are thinking swear words like YOU did something wrong. On several occasions I have had people touch my moving vehicle as if to point out I am in the wrong. Oh no way!! As you can tell I am a little frustrated with driving/pedestrians in Provo. Just had to vent my anger.. this blog post is more fitting for an but I am just being honest!


Chellor said...

Sounds like I am rubbing off on you Lace!

Doug and Krista said...

I bet that post felt good! Amen, sista!

Ash said...

Everybody needs an vent every once in a while. And your ventings were so very accurate. Its like the mass migration of zombies. It takes everything in me not to squash them against my windshield like a bug.