Saturday, October 18, 2008

My OLD House

So I knew what I was getting into when I purchased on older home, but I sure wasn't hoping or wanting things to crumble underneath me all at one. It has been a crazy last few weeks.... but I am alive. I decided it was a good time in my life to ripe up my room and later found out that I should have waited. I guess I could never have predicted more problems to arise. So one day I woke up to hear water running into what I thought was my room. Due to the room remodel and opening up my room I began to hear water running into space (crawl space that is) IN my house. Yes that is right. Every time anyone used the bathroom or washer water was draining straight into the ghetto hole of my house. So after consulting with many plumbers (quotes ranging from $500-$1500) my wonderful brother came down to my rescue. JJ and Tony were so kind to come down and help me After crawling into the deep dark crawl spaces of my home, a trip to Home Depot and some Jimmy rigging, we fixed my pipe for around $50. Definitely better than $500 or even $1500. I must say that we are no plumbers but hey, my pipes are not leaking. So resourceful. Once my leaking pipe was fixed it lead to my plumbing starting to back up. It was NOT fun. The toilet, shower, washer and sink were causing problem. So another call to JJ (who I might add is so wonderful) and I had barrowed his snake (a device to clean pipes). In order to save myself $175 or more, we decided to snake the line ourselves. Let's just say I never want to be a plumber and I guess I understand why they make so much money. So after several (I think five) times of putting the snake down the pipes they were clear!! Plumbing restored. Thank you JJ and Ashley for your help!!!

This is the glorious, smelly, strong, and awkward SNAKE!

Just to let you know how stinking hilarious my roommates are check out the post from Ashley. Oh the good times at the house!

Saturday's are always days I used to catch up on things for the coming week. So after fixing the plumbing next on the list was catching up on Laundry. Oh my least favorite thing. Since my plumbing was messed up the Laundry had piled up. So to make things faster and easier I hit up the local Laundry mat. After 5 MEGA loads I finally got all the laundry done. Last on my list for this Saturday was putting the finishing touches on my room. So I slaved away getting everything back to the way I wanted it. I got my bed all made and have to show off my awesome lamp. Thanks to Ashley.. she gifted it to me. It is now one of the coolest things in my room. The picture doesn't even do it justice. I am so please with the new room and on this project I definitely stepped out of my NORM for the remodel!


Ash said...

Remember how the snake attacked my thumb?!

Sondra said...

Lacy you are so decorative and creative I am jealous! I love how you are remodeling and designing everything! Hope you are doing well :)

Michael C. Hanks said...

It LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!