Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Secret Love Affair

So I now have a secret love affair with Ray LaMontagne. Ok maybe it is not so secret. Ashley and Chelsi know about it. I mean who wouldn't love a rugged man serenading you with love songs on his guitar. We went to his concert last night at Saltair and it was wonderful. He has this raspy voice and sings the most amazing love songs. It was a great night.

Chelsi, Ash, Alex and I went to The Tin Angel for dinner. It was a good meal, despite the restaurant was too loud for my taste. After we drove out to the show and spent the next two hours listening to music. Leona Naess opened for him and I really enjoyed her music.
On another note, after a half day of work yesterday I had some pleasant and not so pleasant Dr visits. I went to the dentist, which I absolutely love. Yes I am weird.... while most people hate the dentist I am a giddy kid when I get to go get my teeth cleaned. I go way more often than six months if possible. Oh that feeling after is just sure bliss. I am proud to say no cavities which seems to be the pattern lately, but that wasn't the case when I was a child. Guess it is ok that I drink so much Dr. Pepper each day. After the dentist I hit up the dirty doctor. Not always so fun, but actually the visit was short and sweet. I feel like I am cramming in doctor visits before the end of the year as to get all the use I can out of my insurance since I have met my deductible...

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Jessica Rene' said...

Hey Lacy! I found your blog! I love it! SO cute...P.S. I love your photography! I wished I would have know how amazing you are! I would have had you do mine and my sis got marreied last time! How are you?