Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Just Isn't Halloween Without...PUMPKIN CARVING

I have not carved pumpkins for a few years... and I am not very good at it. So it was good to brush up on the carving skill this year. I would personally like to thank whoever came up with the idea of stencils for pumpkin carving. They work great.

Recap on the last few days. They have been uneventful but still....
I have had this sickness that I just can't seem to shake.... I think we are going on seven days tomorrow, and IT SUCKS. This whole week has been miserable and by Friday I was dying for the weekend. Finally I woke up feeling better Friday morning, but I still have this raspy voice and a nasty cough.

Halloween was super uneventful. Just dinner and hitting up OZZ with a friend, which was a good time. I have a confession that I have lived in Provo for three years and lived off center street in Provo for the past year and a half and have never eaten at Octavio's. So it was good to get in there and try out the restaurant. I had a very tasty BBQ chicken pizza. It is always a pleasure going to the ghetto OZZ and playing pool.

I got to spend Saturday morning sleeping in and hanging out with Millie. It was really nice to just relax. Millie is the best person to wake up to in the morning, because she always is right there to give me attention. I think it is more that she wants attention, but she is like glue to me and I enjoy it.


Chris & Breanne Coccimiglio said...

I love carving Pumpkins! Chris and I were kinda lame this year and didn't do it! It was so good to see you last week! You are so cute!

Kipp and Ashlee said...

I agree with the pumpkin stencils... carving pumpkins was never this fun as a kid, and it never turned out as cool without the stencil!