Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fall or Winter

The last two days have been a drastic in that Utah can't decide if it is fall or winter. Being from Utah I love both of these season the most. In purchasing my home I have a very large tree in the front and back yard. Now during the hot summer months I love that tree because it shades my house and makes the heat bearable. Well now that is fall I find myself cursing that big tree. The leaves have started to fall and my front yard has had a thick blanket of leaves after just a week or so. So two nights ago I came home from work at five to it rapidly getting dark outside(curse the time change). I had set the goal to rake leaves that night and so I was sticking to it. After getting them all raked into one large pile I figured bagging them was for another day. The next morning I go out to leave from work only to find that on top of the large pile of leaves, more had fallen and it looked as if I hadn't even raked. Pure frustration kicked in. I guess I should know that since maybe a fourth of the tree's leaves have fallen and this will be a loosing battle over the next little while. Still it was still very discouraging. Did I mention the first time I raked them they were wet from the weekend rain storm.... boy am I need for a treat after today's weather.

For a skier and someone who loves the snow it is always a good thing to wake up to SNOW on the ground, but that first snow storm isn't always the best. I think that Utah driver must fully forget in the short few months that we haven't had rain or snow how to drive in it. It is comical to me seeing as if you have lived here it is the same every year. Beside the point. Driving down from Salt Lake looked like this

I don't think I got over fifty five the whole way down to Orem.

Oh and it wouldn't be a first snow storm without some police on the side of the freeway due to an accident. Anyway bring on winter...


Chellor said...

Lucky! I was stuck driving under 20mph heading up to salt lake till after the point of the mountain. I hate commuting in this!!!

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