Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Clean One Room At A Time

With the warmer weather I was feeling like some spring cleaning. With the bathroom remodel it has been difficult to even get that finished that project let alone laundry, dishes and everything else like spring cleaning. In order to get the plumbing working in the shower we had to access it from my bedroom. The trap door was right behind my night stand and bed. So we moved the whole bedroom to the middle of the room to create room to maneuver around. This created a mess of a room (which usually is already how it is). So once the plumbing was all done I decided it was time to deep clean (Spring Clean) the bedroom. When I used to live at home I loved to move around my room and rearrange the furniture. With my large room at my parents home it made it really easy. With my small bedroom here at the house there isn't much room to change things up, but I decided I really wanted to rearrange my bed. So I measured it out and it seemed things would fit if I turned the bed. I moved all of the furniture and wiped the walls down. I vacuumed baseboards, dusted, cleaned the blinds, flipped the mattress, washed the sheets, and the whole works. The best part of cleaning and rearranging furniture is first that things get clean, and second that you throw away all the junk that has accumulated. Now that I have a clean bedroom and an almost finished and clean bathroom I am going to Spring clean one room at a time for the next week. The best part of the whole thing is once I am done inside I get to start outside with the lawn, patio and backyard. Oh I love having my house. (But really I do).


Kipp and Ashlee said...

It looks cute! A little change in furniture arrangement is always great.

Doug and Krista said...

Only people like us can understand how much we really do love spring cleaning! Lookin' good!

Kim said...

I get that same feeling this time of year, way to go! How fun to have your own house too!