Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grateful and VERY Thankful

In the whole bathroom remodel the wiring for electrical got updated. New lines and switches were put in. When we tried to hook up the electrical it just wasn't working quite right. On several attempt it ended up with switches turning off the whole power to the house. On the last attempt when the kitchen light was turned on, the light in the bathroom light turned on as well. It was definitely messed up. Well a VERY special thanks to Gary and James Worthington (My bosses) for coming over this afternoon and getting all my electrical working. They even were kind enough to run a new line to ground the newly added outlets from the bathroom. They were so kind to give up their time and come help me and I want to publicly Thank them. Now when I turn the kitchen light on, only the kitchen light turns on. The outlets in the bathroom won't blow up if I use them, and the when you flip that white switch on in the bathroom the bathroom light turns on. Amazing!!!
In an attempt to keep up with the Spring Clean one room at a time I decided since the Laundry room was dirty, and torn apart I would spend a little time cleaning in there. Man it felt good. I wiped down the walls, cupboards, swept the floor, mopped and even decided to go the extra mile and seal the slate one more time. Two rooms down, so many to go!!


Lindsey said...

Maybe you can remember how to unwire everything for one awesome April Fools joke! OH YA BABY!!!

That's really sweet of the Kneader gang (it's like the Buttercream gang...) to come over and help. I am liking this Buttercream gang more and more!

Jenna said...

It's funny, I've known you for a long time, and there were things that I definitley would guess were in you and others are suprises. The St. George bike trip is definitley you, and same with your amazing photography. But I am suprised about the home remodeling! It really is quite a feet to gut something and start from scratch. I'm impressed!

Brandy said...

K, I totally miss you Lacy!!!! When I read your blog I totally miss hanging out with you! You are soooo amazing!