Friday, December 12, 2008


Driving to Janelle's house yesterday the sky was amazing. This picture doesn't even do it justice, but I thought I would try.

Last night we had a girls night. Janelle and I went to our favorite place to eat.... Pizza Factory. It doesn't get better than their salad bar and bread sticks with ranch. On our way there we saw this house. Need a I say more other than Griswalds family...

After dinner we went back to Janelle's for ice cream and to hang out. I ran to the bathroom and when I came out Brody was standing at the door waiting for me. I looked down and saw this. I mean come on Janelle, the kid is just learning how to walk and then you have to go and do this to him to make it more difficult..

It was pretty funny. Just giving you a hard time J face. In a rush to get inside for dinner, due how cold it was, Janelle threw his shoes on. So we didn't notice until we got back to her place. I hadn't seen Brody in awhile and he is still as cute as ever, even with his huge nasty cut and goose ache on his head!

As always it was so good to see Alyssa and we can't forget Jack. As we sat around and talked Alyssa played with Jacks hair so by the end he had a mow hawk. It was awesome.

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Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun night!! Love all the pics