Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas and all that Jazz.....

So I feel like I haven’t posted a blog forever. So much has happened and I feel like this blog will be long… So prepare yourself. I will try to just stick to the points.
I GOT A NEW JOB- That’s right. Although I loved Kneaders I couldn’t pass up this job opportunity that landed in my lap. I am both sad to leave Kneaders, but excited for the new change.

So my Dad had surgery on his eyes. They did each eye on separate days for safety reasons which makes sense. After they did his second eye, I arrived in Sandy to quickly say hi and see how he was doing. Much to my surprise he was outside snow blowing. Not only was he outside… he was doing the neighbors driveway. Greatest man I know…… As I pulled up I could hardly contain my laughter. He my Dad was out doing a good deed and his daughter is sitting in the car laughing at him. I finally took this picture. The whole package was just great. Our 1980 snow blowers that is massive, but is still running like a charm and totally awesome… the hat with the fur ball on top again straight from 1982, his shades that he picked up at the doctors office due to his surgery, his Sorels untied as he was going up and down the snow driveway, and oh yeah the 1995 parka (that’s right, back then we called them parka’s) that he still loves to wear. Classic Uncle Doug!!!

The snow has brought out the playful side of Millie and she absolutely loves the snow. She will just run and play in it for as long as I let her. She loves to dig her face under it and jump around in it. The more snow the better in her mind. So I took this photo after a snow storm.

I have been up helping Andy and Em with odds and ends of things. It has been fun to be with the kids. They are just full of personality and I get a hoot out of being with them. Kennedy, Cooper and I were building a kitchen set that Kennedy got for her Birthday. It has been a pain… but thanks to this awesome picture of Kennedy we have had fun doing it. The apron and bare bum is an awesome way to work. Wish I could do it.

Cooper and Kennedy goofing off.

Christmas Eve I was in a car accident. Everyone was ok… I am safe and alive and feeling well. Ella, the good old Element is in the shop getting fixed, so I am sporting an awesome Chrysler Sebring like the one below.

Despite the accident I had a good Christmas. I stayed at Andy and Emily’s that night so it was fun to see the kids go crazy. Andy played the old Jenkins Family trick of making the kids sit on the stairs for what probably was an eternity to them before they could go up stairs. Kennedy and Cooper are at a great age where Christmas is fun. They loved all their gift and since Kennedy has been asking for a guitar for months, she got the cutest pink one. Kennedy was afraid “scary man” (which was Santa) was still in the house and upstairs so she was a little hesitant to go running up like Cooper. We were snowed in up in Midway so I jumped on the four wheeler and plowed before heading down to Grammy and Grandpas for Brunch. Christmas was great and I could go on and on but I won’t!!!

My Dad had a pleasant surprise on Christmas morning to wake up to my friend Lyndsey at the door with two dogs in kennels. He was confused as ever only to find out that she was dropping them off for me to house sit them. So since Christmas I have had two little munchkins running around with Millie. They have been so great, and given Millie a run for her money. This is them on one of the few occasions that they were asleep. It was actually in the car ride home. Ever since then it has been pure mayhem.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and hope everyone rings in the new year with good cheer.

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Lindsey said...

Cute post Lacy! That's awesome you got to stay with Andy and Em for Christmas morning. The sebring... one word... HOT!! :) Hope I can see you Saturday afternoon before the shower. And I hope you still have those dogs by then; I have yet to meet them! Love ya Space!