Monday, January 5, 2009

Hope for Days To Fly By

So I have had a string of not so great days for various reasons... two things have been bummed out, one of which is that on Sunday my furnace went out. That's right, on one of the coldest nights my furnace decides it doesn't want to work. So I called a company to come look at it yesterday night and to make my already emotional day worse he tells me I need a whole new furnace. He has a coworker come over and give me a bid on a new one. $4,009.00 dollars for everything... Just what I didn't need. Being in tears most the day, this just added more. I turned to my father for some of that great fatherly advice and he called a guy he knew. He told me to wait until we heard back from him, so Roomy Ash and I settled in knowing it was going to be a cold one! I was warm in bed with long pants, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, sheet, comforter and down comforter on me, but as I rolled out of bed at six this morning it was bitter cold in the house. So cold I worried if my pipes had froze, seeing that I swear you could almost see my breath inside. I felt so bad for Ashley downstairs. After being at my old job for a few hours helping catch them up on some stuff, I received a phone call from my dads friend. I met him at the house for a second opinion. He told me the furnace was ok and that I just need to replace the blower. Relief!!!! Anyway needless to say the heat is back on and working just great. I think I actually have it hotter than I normally would want it just because I can.
Lets hope for better days and for the next little while to go by fast.


Lindsey said...

Hooray!! I am glad you don't have to buy a whole new furnace. Stupid jerk heads trying to screw you. I will give them a sucker punch if you want. Love you!

Nate and Britt said...

Hope things start lookin up for you! We love you! Glad the furnace only needed a quick fix!