Friday, January 9, 2009


So awhile back Alex and I were walking out of a movie. In the freezing cold I was in a rush to get to the car. Alex stopped dead in his tracks and was starring at the ground. I looked over at him wondering what was going on. At first glance I didn't really notice anything, but as he pointed I finally caught on to what he was looking at. He had me snap a few photos with my phone and I hadn't really done anything with them, but tonight I was playing around with them on Photoshop. The program truly is amazing. The pictures were not good quality and the flash on the phone make one of them bright, but still a very cool leaf.

This one is just converted to Black and White

This one I changed the Hue and Saturation and cropped photo

This one is Black and White at a higher contrast and cropped

This one is inverted and cropped
This one is Posterized

The possibilities are endless and that is what I love about Photoshop. I love photos like this that you can just edit and and play with. I am always finding cool new features.

These are the original photos I took with no editing at all.

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Lora said...

That's awesome Lacy. It kinda look like a hear too.