Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updates to my Possessions

So recently work got a new laptop and phone and I am grateful for the updates. My old laptop was in need of an update and my phone was not working. Whenever my alarm went off, or I got a text message my phone made this bubbly noise. It was almost like my phone was under water. Anyway I am glad for my new Sony Laptop. The best part is that I have a finger pad that takes my fingerprint to log me in. So awesome. Technology these days has come so far.

I also got a new Blackberry Curve. It is a big phone for a girl and there is no more putting it in my back pocket. It doesn't fit. I also had the IT guys fix it all of for my emails. As I left he told me it would take a little while to update all my contacts. I was a little confused at first so I asked him what he meant. He said he uploaded the contact list for work and I now have some 3,000 names under my work contacts. Oh boy.

On the topic of technology and things changing the other day I was in a conversation about if I still had my nice dance dresses from high school. I was saying how I had them all saved for a dress up chest for my future girl. Anyway we were joking about how when my kids are in high school how will it be. I mean when I was in high school you had 80's dress up days.... so does that mean that when my kids are in high school they will have like 99's or 00's dress up days. And what will that be like. Maybe just maybe it will pay off to save some of my dresses so people can wear them for stuff like that.

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Lindsey said...

Rad gadgets!! Those are fantastic!! I am so excited for you and all the fun things that have come your way. I am excited for dinner tonight! HOORAY!