Friday, January 16, 2009

Marley and Me

So I saw the movie Marley and Me and really enjoyed it. I had read the book, and was impressed at how well they did making it into a movie.

Throughout the whole movie I could only think of Ms. Millie. On her behalf she has been an amazing dog, but there have been those days where I wanted to kill her, just like in the movie. It is always a lot easier to remember the bad stuff, rather than the cute things she does. I highly recommend people going to see the movie and if you like to read the book is wonderful. Not only do I love the story of the dog in the movie, I love how they portray marriage and Owen and Anistons relationship. I thought the movie was hilarious as well. In the theater there weren't a lot of people laughing, but I thought it was laugh out loud funny throughout it. So on I thought I would post about a few of Millie's finest Dog moments... there are a ton of them, but these top the list.

One thing I can say about Millie is that I can leave her in the house and know she will NEVER chew my shoes, couch, pillows, jackets or anything like that. Garbage on the other hand is a whole different story. You can walk outside and come back in and she has torn through the trash and it is everywhere. I usually get in a rage of anger over it, but looking back now I can't be that mad... it is stuff that I have thrown away. At least it is never things of value to me.

The Tales of Millie:

  • My dog is 100% motivated by food or toys. Every aspect of her wrongful doings will lead to some sort of treat/food or tennis ball in whatever trouble she has caused.

  • One day I came home to Millie inside and my house white like snow. She had ripped apart toilet paper rolls and eaten plastic shavers until you couldn't tell what they were. I am amazed sometimes that the dog is still alive.

  • She has eaten two whole bags of M&M's and survived.

  • She ate a whole bag of chocolate peanut butter cookies and didn't sleep the next night.

  • She has mastered jumping over my back yard fence and on occasion will find her walking on top of the fence like she is a cat.

  • She climbs my back yard tree.

  • She has no fear getting on the bus to the Wilkinson center or following roller bladders/bikers down 700 east.

  • She loves the bathroom garbage and ripping everything in there to shreds.

  • Sometimes I will go to shower and my bar of soap will be missing and Millie has taken it and is eating it, or she will chew it while it is on the shower rack so I have a nice rough bar of soap to scrub down with.

  • She goes crazy with hats with fur on them. She will attach you if you have them on and rip them to pieces if you leave them around.

  • She hates thunder and will go crazy.

  • She attacks the vacuum and blow dryer when I am doing my hair

Anyway she has the most adorable face and it is fun to remember the little puppy she once was. I wouldn't trade her for the world and love her company. On Wednesday I went home after work with a massive migraine. As I got home I threw up from the nausea of it. Millie having been inside all day I am sure wanted nothing more than some attention and to play. Instead as I crawled in bed she jumped up there and put her head on me, acting way to calm for her normal self. She sensed something was wrong. It was so cute. It is times like this morning when I roll over and she is next to me and rolls so I will rub her belly that I am grateful for her. It is true a dog is a humans best friend.

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