Thursday, January 15, 2009


So I have this theory that everyone is weird.... we are all weird in our own way, but we each have different quirks about us. Now some people aren't very aware of their weirdness/quirks or others for that matter, but I feel like I know I have some crazy quirks. In people watching today, a discussion came up. It got me thinking a lot about what I do. So I thought I would throw a few of them out there for everyone to know (I am not going to try and make you understand)

When I wear pants, if they are not touching the floor I feel like they are way too short. It is a horrible habit/weirdness, but I buy my pants extra long. With pants that are shorter I am super careful when planning my outfits so that I can accommodate the length depending on what shoes I can wear.

I hate to pee. I don't know why. In the last 10 or so years I have realized I don't like going to the bathroom. So I find myself holding it... for no particular reason. I can't explain it. It isn't like I hate public toilets, or think bathrooms are gross. I even do it at home. I just hate to pee. Consequently I don't have to pee a lot. My body must have trained it's self to not pee. Probably not the best thing for me.

I wear a lot of layers/clothes. Whether it be summer or winter I wear a lot of layers no matter what. I will be getting ready and find myself putting on four or so layers. For example today I have on a shade tank, then a shade shirt, and then a shade tee with lace on the bottom, then a green jacket. Madness I know. This could explain the large amounts of laundry no doubt, but I have been like this since junior high. Basically it is not normal.

I love to bite my nails. It is a horrible habit. Along with biting my nails I love to bit off the skin around my nails. Straight up weird I know. After years of this I am 100% sure that it is not due to nervous. It is just something I do. I often will bite my nails and then use my teeth to make them smooth. What is a girl to do! This probably leads the problem that when I paint my nails, the polish doesn't stay on for very long. See if they start to chip or get messed up I have to remove all of it. Often this is done with my teeth.

Thanks to Atlas Marketing I hate to write with any other pen than the Pilot G2 bold pens. After working at Atlas for years and being spoiled with them, I genuinely hate it when I am using any other pen.

Anyway there are a lot more things... I will refrain from telling them all at once. I want people to still like me and thing I am semi- normal.


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Nate and Britt said...

I love it! I think everyone's little quirks are what make them who they are! I think you are great, weirdness and all!

Lindsey said...

I love all the things that make you YOU! But the pee'ing thing is AWESOME!