Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire and Shopping

Tonight we went to see Slumdog Millionaire and I loved it. It was so awesome and the story was so inspiring. The kids in the movie were so adorable. The main actress is I think just beautiful and she did an amazing job. I recommend it to everyone to go see. I feel it gives you an honest insight to what is going on in Mumbai.

Here is a picture of the boys in the movie.

This is the three kids in the movie. They are all adorable. I just want to go over there and bring one home.

She is just straight up beautiful.
Today while out shopping we were in a small shopping strip mall waiting for my mom to come out of a fabric shop. Any way I looked over and saw this little shop.... I just kept staring at it wondering how weird it was. I mean the three most random things you could sale together made up this little shop. I could hardly believe my eyes. I had to snap a photo for proof that this is by far the most interesting store. We were joking about how someone opens a store and selects those three things. We were saying they were probably a Mormon family that was promoting food storage, the mom probably played the violin and the father or kids were into paint balling. Little family business going on. Any who we got a good laugh out of it.


Chellor said...

K and I went to Slumdog today too and loved it. Such a sad but amazingly good story! I hope you're having so much fun in St. George. K and I hung out at the house tonight and Millie was being so sweet! Miss you. :D

Ash said...

LOVED IT! Those kids were stinking cute. And inspiring yes, that we can be good and honest people despite our circumstances.