Saturday, June 6, 2009

Logan.... Pocatello

I got the tour of Logan... I haven been up there a few times, but never gone to any of these places.

First stop was the sock shop. I bought several biking socks and the sales guy gave me a very comfortable (FREE) pair of bamboo socks. I was impressed at how comfortable and cozy they were.

Next stop was Gossner's Swiss Cheese factory. Mmmmmm

They had reduced fat Lacy Swiss cheese! So awesome

Third stop was Pepperidge Farm factory. Bags of goldfish for cheap.. Also a great find was this gold fish shirt. I love it.

The final stop was Casper's Ice Cream. Home of the Fat boy ice cream sandwich. Couldn't resist getting a fat boy and some ice cream.

The race course was a 25 mile loop laps outside of Pocatello. I road the course and it was really nice. The first half of the course was wonderful... some downhill and pretty much flat the whole time. It was nice just out there riding. The second half was some climbing and well the last 3 miles is through a canyon gap with climbing grades exceeding 7%. Needless to say when it was over I was exhausted and super hot.

Before the race... when we were happy and full of energy

First lap right after the huge three mile climb

Jeff Clawson after his first lap

Jason finishing

Alex finishing

Sorry Erin I didn't get any pictures of you.

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