Saturday, June 6, 2009

Firepit and Yard Work

I have been working hard on getting my fire pit area in the back yard nice looking. It was fully overgrown, and that took some time to do the weeding. After slaving away for several days and some help from some great friend and roommates I have finally finished. Cant wait for summer nights having bbq's and sitting by the fire.

After weeding this I decided to put down some serious 1 year weed and grass protection spread some extra mulch in the area to make it look nicer.

The joys of owning an older home are the neat little things I find all over. The machete was in the ghetto garden storage area I had. I found the other tool in the dirt while weeding.

This chair looked awesome against the red fence.

Old rusted antique wheel barrow that was in the back yard when I moved in. Works just great and I use it a lot.


Jennifer Lane said...

I can't wait for fires in your backyard. Sounds so fun!

Chellor said...

Sweet! Lac, I'm gone for 1 day and you always manage to completely transform the house. :) Great work! I can't wait for Summer BBQs too!!!

David R said...

Great friends and roommates indeed! Looks good, keep up the good work.