Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brandy's Birthday Bash

It was JJ's girlfriends birthday, so we all got together to celebrate. It is always a joy getting together with the family. Cooper and Kennedy always keep the party going and I have had the pleasure of taking the grandparents up the last couple times. It is so fun to hear their stories and listen to their opinions on sports, politics and what not. Anyway we had a fabulous dinner, and chocolate cake. Usually candles don't make the Jenkins family cakes, but since I stopped at the grocery store I picked up a few. So thirty six candles later, when we asked Kennedy was going on she said "FIRE".

It was pretty funny. Cooper and Kennedy were so involved in picking the candles off the cake, and when Kennedy cleared a few, she could no longer resist the temptation and just put her whole hand on in the cake and licked it. Classic moment.

Early in the night she had stripped to her spaghetti strap tank, and so with boogers, frosting, juice and with all the other kid stuff she looked pretty WT as Emily said. Brandy got some cute gifts and we had some funny laughs. Cooper was big into collecting the wrapping paper and constructing projects.

JJ and Brandy


At DownEast Outfitters in Orem they have two of the most amazing pieces of furniture that I have seen in a long time. If I had the money I would buy them immediately. Although they are cheaper than they originally were I still had to refrain.
This vintage looking one is just amazing. Oh the dreams I can have.

This red delightful piece is just wonderful and even better that it is my favorite color that barn red.


Krista said...

Hey friend. Just wanted to say and I miss you!!

Em said...

Hey--- we need to discuss these pieces of furniture! i agree... amazing....
i need to know the price tag!