Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pizzeria.... Yummmm

Tonight the roomies and I went to Pizzeria Seven Twelve for dinner. I always love going there and the food is always so amazing. It was so relaxing just sitting and talking and what better way than with fine dining.
My VERY sweet neighbor from across the street did my yard work today. Starky has been one of those neighbors that is always doing things around my house for me. Unfortunately I am always at work and never get to see him doing any of it. Luckily Ashley is home during the day so she is so kind to tell me when he does things. I always feel bad because he does so much like cut my trees branches, rake my leaves, shovel my walks, push my snow off my car port, and most recently cleaned up my whole yard. All the trash I had been saving up for my HUGE dump run is now gone. The pile of leaves that have been in the front yard since fall and now gone. On top of all of that I had my house appraised so I had the whole inside spic and span clean. Thanks to Ashley for helping me clean the house. It is relaxing and so stress free to come home to a very clean house inside and out!
Thank you Stary!!

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