Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh the good old days..

So I was driving home today and reminiscing. What caused it... Well I made a phone call to my parents house. Now for the last little while I have been unsuccessful in contacting anyone when I have called their home phone. Definitely a change from I don't know, say a year ago. You used to never be able to get a hold of my parents on their cell phones. So a very drastic change. Anyway after I called the house I let out a little chuckle. What came to mind... how my parents use to make us kids answer the phone. That is right, we used to have to answer the phone:

"Jenkins residence this is Lacy speaking. How may I help you...."
It was horrible. I think we all complained enough, or maybe it was that we would never answer the phone and they finally changed it. It probably really had something to do with us getting older as well. Anyway it was funny.

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