Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunny Saturday

It was a really nice day. I woke up and went for a really nice run. Again it was a beautiful day and I had no complaints, except that I am out of shape. After my run I did a nice yoga video and really loved it.

We had lunch at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli and it was delicious. In the parking lot was this awesome car. I love how the back tires are half covered. So classy.

Alex sported this shirt all day and it was pretty funny. I have no idea where he got it, but he was pretty proud of it!

We drove out to what they call Zerker Loop and it was a really cool afternoon. Basically it is was just country roads. The first part was fields of oil rigs. The second half was fields of Orange, Clementine, Grape Vines, and Walnut Trees. Either way you looked at the rows they are perfectly aligned. It made for some really good pictures.

Grapevine Rows

The sunset was beautiful and the pictures don't even do it justice.

We may have taken a few of the oranges and clementines to eat. They smelled so good we couldn't resist. Oh and they taste splendid.

Love this pic

Alex had planned to go to dinner at a Basque restaurant for dinner. We had eaten a late lunch so we weren't really hungry. It was pretty funny reading the menu with Alex. He was reading Shish Kabob and asked what that was. I was kind of chuckling, but it only got better. He was reading the top of what was included with dinner. The list read as:

Includes: Bread, Soup, Pink Beans, Hot Sauce, Hors D'oeuvres,Vegetable, French Fries, Spaghetti

After hot sauce he read "Horse" "Dorves". At first I thought he was joking around, but when I called him out on it he looked at me all weird. He didn't know that written word Hors D'oeurvres meant the appetizer thing. I was hysterically laughing. He was really sweet to let me get a good laugh at his expense. It was pretty funny. Overall it was a really nice day.

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