Saturday, February 21, 2009

Throwdown Fight

So last night was the ThrowDown Fight at the Energy Solutions Arena. Since my work was a huge sponsor I got to go. I was very fortunate to be sitting on the front table ringside so I got to see everything up close. I have never been to a fight or really seen them a whole lot of TV, but that sport is brutal. Sitting so close I could hear the noises from the punches and slaps.

In the third match a guy took a super hard hit to his face. So hard that his mouth piece flew out of his mouth. The fighter started freaking out yelling that the ref needed to find it. He was frantically looking around the ring. He was after his tooth that had fallen out and landed right in front of me. It was so gross. He was so concerned about his tooth and for no reason. It's not like the dentist was going to put it back in. Anyway it was pretty gross.

I was so close to the fighting that I could smell the fighters.
The pictures below are of two heavyweight guys. It was an intense fight. Both were undefeated and they put on a great fight. The pictures don't even do justice, but at the end there was blood everywhere. Early in the fight one of the guys took a nice hit to his forehead, causing a huge blood bath between the two fighters. By the end of the fight the guy couldn't open his left eye and his face was swollen. Madness... what these guys do to themselves. The pictures don't really display the real thing, but the red tint on their skins is blood.

This is the ring after they were done. Yes that is right in front of my seat.

One of the fighters was a kid I went to high school with Sean O'Connell. He put up a really good fight. It was really hard to see someone I personally know fight, but still was a good match.

The hardest thing for me was not watching the punches fly, or the blood running down their faces, but watching guys get pinned and choked until they give up or pass out. Seeing their faces go red and them have their eyes roll back was so hard. There were a few concussions that clearly took place and it was hard to watch the guys be completely lost as to where they were.
Overall it was a good night. They fight went past 1:00 p.m. and I haven't been out that late for a long time.


Stacy said...

ya those fights are crazy. Nick's cousin fights, and we went to one. The match before his cousin's was brutal. The guy got wailed on, and it was really hard to watch him get the crap beat out of him. Nick loves watching the fights on tv....there must be something about it guys can't resist!

Ash said...

Remember when you started telling me about it and my face went pale?

Kipp and Ashlee said...

You are one brave girl. I hate watching those things! Those guys get so crazy... why on earth would they want to do that?! Boys.