Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bathroom sink for the future...

So Friday was an abnormal day in that I peed four times, three times more than I usually do. No you probably are thinking I don't drink enough, but I do. I am just that way. Anyway while in the bathroom I realized I want to design my sink (when I am rich and building my own home that is). That is right... I want to design my own sink. Oh the things I would be designing if I had the funds. The reason for wanting to design my own sink... well I hate it when you go into the bathroom and there is water on the counter because you had to pass your wet hands over the counter to get soap. I know weird. I am the type of person that will wipe up the water every time. So the solution is to design my own sink. Anyway after the third time of going to wash my hands and seeing this I realized I had to take a picture.

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