Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bedroom Remodel Comes to a Close

So I can't remember if I have posted the finished product of my room remodel. This could be because it is has been a good three month project, but today I FINALLY I finished the last few touches on my room. It is all clean and feels good to done. So I thought I would post a few pictures. I love the new floor (although Millie's hair is more visible now) and I love my VERY yellow wall. I also like the fun colors of my bedspread. Definitely not the typical colors I would have picked, but glad I went with something different. I haven't gotten sick of it or wished I had gone with something else so that is a good sign. I built my bed, which I am very glad I did. I needed more storage space and it does just the job. I think it help me relieve a clutter mess that used to go on in my room. Now everything has a place and can be stored away. I also think through this whole process it has allowed my room to feel more open and larger.

The storage under the bed hides all my folded clothes, which is nice.

These HOOKS are great to get all my bags and purses up off the ground. Before they used to be all over the place.

I hung this bar so I could get things like scarves, jackets, and what not off the floor. It has also been really nice to hang clothes to dry.

I love this mirror. I purchased it my freshman year of college and it just sat at my parents house until I got my house. I really wanted to do black in my room, but I couldn't part with my brown mirror.

I know this is a picture of a picture, but the picture is a photo I took in Portofina, Italy and I just love it. When I remodeled the room I was glad that it went with my color scheme so well. I made the frame and painted it with this awesome textured brown paint. I really love it.

For someone who doesn't wear jewelry all that often I sure have a lot of it. I call it my organized clutter.

I love this cube piece of furniture. I also love the fun COLOR cubes that you can buy to go in the spaces.

Millie loves the new bed. It is a lot easier for her to get up and down from and I couldn't resist taking this picture. She just looks so adorable sitting there.

My itty bitty closet.

Still my favorite part of my room is the old school lamp.


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Lindsey said...

The room looks awesome Lacy. Way to go!